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  1. Not really a vs thread, was just asking what other companies make an 8" woofer that are in that wattage range.
  2. Looking to get a single 8" had a sundown audio sa-8v1 a few years back. I'm really dead set on a single 8. I'm running a nvx jad900.5 5 channel amp. Pushing 450w at 2ohm. Looking for some opinions. Alot of the the 8s are pretty close like the sa-8 v3 and skar vvx-8v3, or the ma-8. Also looked at soundqubed, DC audio, ct audio. I'm pretty open, running all nvx speakers on 70w, if that helps.
  3. That's what I figured. I'll just get the sa-8 save money and get some sound deadener. Put the money saved towards something else.
  4. Planning on getting a new vehicle soon and looking to do a budget build. But wondering if I should sell all my equipment almost 4 years of daily use or reuse. Current Pioneer AVH-X4700BS Headunit Polk DB 6.5 Component and coaxial NVX JAD 900.5 amp Sundown SA-8v3 Looking to maybe get a full Skar set up Same headunit SK 65C and SK68, are the TX series better I'd get those if it would make a difference RP 600.5 amp and either MA-8 or VVX-8 v3 Honestly which would be better, they are both pretty close wattage wise, the skars would just be newer looks like I can get the full skar set up for under $400 which leaves room for wire kit and maybe some sound deadener. But if it wont make much difference I wont worry about it. Trying to keep this build under $500.
  5. I'm in the process of finding a new car and trying to plan out the build. Looking at a 10-13 Mazda 3 hatchback. I'm trying to decide if I should just reuse my system from my truck or sell it and start over. The system has been good but looking to get maybe a little more out of it bass wise. I'm dead set on doing an 8" sub again either the SA-8 v3 or X-8. Right now system is Pioneer AVH-x4700BS Headunit, keeping Front speaker Polk audio DB 6.5 components, no complaints so will probably keep Rear Speaker Polk audio DB 6.5 coaxial, no complaints may keep or get the 6x8 for the rear doors of the mazda Amp NVX JAD 900.5 again no complaints but only seeing 70w x 4 and 440w x1 at 2ohm Sub Sundown Audio SD3 10", no problems but sub is in a under seat box. I originally planned to sell it and get a SA-8 v3. Basically I know the ported sa-8v3 will have more punch than the under seat 10. So there is that or I could upgrade the amp, sticking with a 5-channel, I was looking at the Hifonics Brutus BRX5016.5 only 65w per speaker but 750w x 1 at 2ohm or the Soundstream T5.2500DL 75w per speaker and 750w x1 at 1ohm. Getting either one of those amps and running an x-8. Would the x-8 on 750w over power the polk speakers. I'm really just looking to get some low end, keep an 8", 5-channel amp, and not have to get new speakers. What's some options here. Just getting the sa-8 would be the cheapest, would getting the x-8 and new amp be that big of a difference at $250-300 more? Thanks in advance.
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