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  1. I did, should have proof read, what I wrote would a a ported 12 really put out better lows and volume them a sealed 15 or 18”
  2. (4)x evl6.5” have 133sqin of cone vs single evl12 having 118sqin the evl6.5 has 6.25mm xmas vs the 12 having 23.5mm so is that possible moving 3x more air? But it then I would I gain more running a sealed 15 or 18 as both recommended 3cuft sealed
  3. Car is a Toyota hatch but misses wants some trunk space for shopping
  4. Looking the evl series of subs to run on my kicker zx750.1 at 2ohm final, Can’t go much bigger then 750rms, stock elect and only bog 3, mids and highe as 2 sets kicker comps cs series off a 400.2 a 2 ohm (100rms per comp speaker) Subs I’m looking at either (4)x evl6.5” 2.4net (2)x4” ports 18” long approx 34hz 24sqin of port (1)x evl10 or 12 same up to 2.4net with 4” aero ports 1x sealed 15 or 18” in 3net any help appreciate thanks, just want something that will get as low and loud as possible with 750rms, if need be I can up rms to 1000-1200rms but that’s it
  5. I have a zx750.1, I know but, can’t go any bigger, I would need a bigger electric systems to support anythink bigger, car is a Toyota Yaris hatch back, Looking at a few options 4x 6.5” ported with 2off 4” aero 18”L in 2.4net single sa10 or single sa12 ported same as above Single sa15 or sa18 sealed in 3cuft
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