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  1. Enclosure comes into play. I doubt the 2 types/sizes of subs would need the same box. Also the thermal capabilities of 1 larger coil vs 4 smaller coils... there are alot of factors that come into play
  2. When comparing cone area of 2 diff style subs you have to think of more than just the area. The cone acts like a piston and functions in 3 dimensions not just 2d surface area. The key to sound is that it is just moving air. If you take the cone area of the 10s x the xmech and the cone area of the 15 x the xmech I bet the 15 can move as much or more air than the 10s...
  3. I love this thread. Thank you for putting in the work to come up with all of this data. Currently designing a series tuned 6th for 4 18" dc lvl6s with the goals we have for the build this was very informative..... I will sacrifice front chamber volume to make sure I have adequate rear chamber port area if I have to.... crushing 25hz is a must
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