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  1. It isn't bad, for the cheap subs it has in it.
  2. 4 12s going in my Porsche Cayenne. "Skar EVL" 12s with a "Skar SKv2-4500.1D" amp. Where is the best place to buy a box like this? If not suitable to be bought, where is the best place to get someone to build it and ship it to me? I am located in Ohio. I have 4 12s in there now (cheap subs, audiopipe hwy 836) in a cheap box ( I feel like this box would not be suitable for the EVL's as it is a really cheaply made box. All help is appreciated,.Thank you.
  3. Yeah, that is true, one "Audio shop" which had decent reviews on google, ran the powerwire through the door in my buddy's Malibu. Also mismatched gauge wire, and power wire wasn't fused. I do not know anything about building boxes, I myself thought having a mismatched sub would throw everything off, but the guy at the shop said he was sure it wouldn't if the box was done correctly. I was originally going to buy a 3rd type R and have 3 type R's. I may still do this.
  4. Yeah, pics will be posted tomorrow. I am going to try and do the relay on the remote, and see if that fixes anything, if it doesn't i'll take pics tomorrow and show how everything is connected.
  5. It was an audioshop with great reviews on google. my definition of professionals are people who are in the business of doing such work. I am not sure if they are all sharing the same airspace or not. I have no clue how he built it. All I know is he built it for it to fit perfectly in my trunk.
  6. Mids and highs get quieter also. Yes, full volume. Measured when notes hit and everything, ran into a issue with power in my Porsche before and I solved it with the fluke, upgraded the charging system and added batteries. Is there a specific type of relay to use?
  7. I may be able to stick my phone in there, recording with flash on and screenshot a picture from the video.
  8. This is the best thing I have ever heard. I have never thought about that. Do the back of sundows tell the rms and/or series?
  9. Ok, so I just went in the garage. Everything is connected, besides remote on the final amp. Everything is normal. As SOON as I touch remote on the final amp and the amp gets power (lights up) everything goes quieter. remove remote, its loud. I assume that rules out the RCA issues. Should I run 3 separate strands of remote? My headunit I believe has 4 remote outputs. Would this fix my issue?
  10. I am not sure, I will have to try this one tomorrow. That will rule out RCA issues.. And yes, they get louder after unplugging the mids and high amp, any amp I unplug the RCA's from the whole system gets louder.
  11. The reason for different amps I believe was either price or I couldn't find a zeus that was 3000 (4ch), I don't remember, but originally I was gonna connect all 3 to one amp. They aren't out of phase. I did not know that at all. Appreciate the information. This was my first thought, I used my fluke DMM to measure it, disconnected all amps, got a reading from there, plugged one in, then the other, then the last, power wasn't an issue. and like I said I even tried to rev the car to put a load on the alternator and still no increase in audio output. HOWEVER if I disconnect ANY amp, it'll be louder, for example I disconnected the 3rd amp first, and it was louder, so I thought there was an issue with the amp from the factory, just a defective amp. To rule this out I disconnected the 2 type R's amp and tested it, no issue with the amp. I disconnected mids and highs amp and just left the bass, no issues there, but as soon as I plug in all 3, it seems under powered, and I'm not talking about removing the B+. I removed the RCA's so the amp wouldn't play. I honestly have no idea if this has anything to do with it, but I forget from where I read this, but I was having an issue similar to this in my Tahoe and I think (I don't remember fully, it was like 3 years ago) someone said to put a relay on the remote?
  12. So, I believe I asked for help, not for rude comments. If you don't like how I have my setup, then don't comment, simple as that. Don't assume anything. They are all in the same box, its a triple port 10 box, custom built to match the subs. I'm not someone to buy a whole bunch of stuff used and throw it in my car hoping for the best. Everything I have in my benz was bought brand new, box was designed specifically for the trunk of the benz and for the subs by a professional audio shop. So what is your definition of mismatched amps? Because all the amps are hifonics amps, I am not going to run all the same 2000 watt amps for everything when the system does not need that much power.
  13. No, because if I disconnect ANY amp it'll be louder, it doesn't matter 3rd amp or 2nd amp or 1st amp. Amps - Hifonics Zeus 600x4, 2000x4, 1000x4 (1st to last) Subs Alpine type R and Elemental designs ek10 (Old school sub) EK10 is connected to the 1000 in bridge to ONE CH. (So 500) (Amp is about 1/4 up, no clipping or anything) Type R's are connected to the 2000 bridged in each channel. (Amp is 1/4 up, these subs are brand new and need to break in still) 600x4 is running to the mids and highs, tuned properly, till clipping then turned down a tad, can go max volume no clipping on mids and highs.
  14. In my benz I have a amp running to the mids and highs, (Main amp) my 2nd amp powers my 2 10s. and 3rd amp powers my 1 10. With the 2 amps the system was much louder, after I added the 3rd amp the system is quieter? does anyone know the reason why? here is how I have everything connected. 0 Gauge onto 2 batteries. Power/Ground. 0 Gauge from 2nd battery into distribution block. outputting 3 4 Gauge's into the amp Power/Ground. Big 3 under the hood. Remote wire is from main amp to 2nd amp, from 2nd amp to 3rd amp. RCA is from main amp IN, 6ft of RCA to Main amp OUT to 2nd amp IN, 6 ft of rca from 2nd amp OUT into 3rd amp IN. If I unplug the RCA from the 3rd amp system is much louder, as soon as I connect the RCA system is quieter, anyone know the reason why? Charging system can handle it all. Even if I Rev the car to charge the alternator it's still quiet.
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