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  1. I just didnt know if one was better than the other. Seems like the high level input would be more prone to engine noise but I wasnt sure.
  2. Ok so I'm still running my factory head unit I've had this Scosche SCL4 speaker level converter for years because it was the only option when running a factory head unit. Now that I bought a new amp that has high level inputs the question is should I keep the scosche converter and high quality RCAs or should I run speaker wire from the head unit to the amp high level inputs?
  3. Ok so I'm sure this isnt the first time yall have heard this but cell phones suck for playing music to your system. As it turns out the amp is plenty for me. The app I was using to play music on my phone neutered the music. Lesson learned. So the Rockford Fosgate 500x1d is a pretty amazing amp for its size.
  4. What about Skar Audio? I see it advertised here but dont really know anything about it. Are they good? How about the rp2000.1d?
  5. Thanks for the input guys I think I may go ahead and save my money to replace subs and amp with something else. Unless someone knows of a 1000 W amp at 2 Ω for a decent price.
  6. That would only give me 300watts over what I have now. Since I can only wire them at .5, 2, and 8ohm.
  7. Max would be $300 but I'd really like to keep it at $200. Kind of low I know
  8. I'm sure this is asked alot but I haven't messed with car audio for some years now. Adult stuff got in the way. Recently my Rockford 851s amp died on me so I ordered a Rockford 500x1d and I'm not happy with it. It's very week. What amp should I get to push my 2 modest Rockford P3SD212. They are rated at 400rms 800max each. I have the wired at 2ohm
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