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  1. Also, when I did my first test bump, (when the sub blew), I didn't have the volume up. The subs were moving less than a centimeter. They were barely moving! I was only doing it to get a rough idea of what it would sound like. Just making sure I tuned the box properly. (And I did) 34hz.
  2. I've been on this form before about the same thing, but I thought it would be more appropriate to post here. I've purchased four DC Audio Level 1 12"s. I don't a box that looked very similar to Steve Meade's "Bucket O' Bass" series. For whatever reason, one of my Subs blew. The coil is burnt up, but the other three are perfectly fine. I want to know what happened, and if it'll be covered under warranty. I doubt it'll be covered under warranty but it just seems to be a little suspicious that it was the only one that blew. Doesn't make any sense to me. Based on kirchhoff's law, shouldn't they all be taking equal current? I used Rockford Fosgate wiring wizard to make sure I wired it right. It was both me and my dad wiring it together, two set of eyes on this. I doubt we wired it wrong, wiring is super easy and my dad has done it all his life lol. I can send pictures of the sub and box. Also, the amplifier is not crazy over powered. It only has 100 extra watts per sub. Which it's always good to have Headroom. And no, I am not using the gain as a volume knob. I set my gain right. The app that I'm using is a QCA4000D, 2000w rms. I set the gain at 49v. E=√P•R E is volts, P is desired wattage, and R is resistance. I used that formula. E=√1200•2, E=√2400, E=48.989, That means, my AC output at max volume should be 48.989 (49 is fine). That's correct right? I doubt I screwed up that bad with simple gain settings. Also, if the amp is the problem, why would it only attack one subwoofer and not all of them? This doesn't make any sense... I'm kind of new to this, but this is seriously confusing me. Can anyone help?
  3. Oh it did get hot. As soon as I took the sub out smoke was coming from the motor. I did hear distortion on one song that that's the reason I turned it off right after I heard the distortion. But it was because of the song. I had it on a random playlist and one of the songs was one of those crappy bass boosts. Some little five year old that doesn't know what they're doing on a computer and thinks that just increasing dB makes everything good.
  4. Nah, mine are labled right.
  5. I have around 2 and 1/2 in from the back of the magnet to the port wall, but that's on two of the subs that were on the other side and are perfectly fine. This sub has over 8 inches. Like me. That's definitely not a problem. Check your Instagram I sent you a few photos.
  6. And it smells horrible. Almost like burning hair. Trust me, never go smelling he magnet holes after you blow a sub.
  7. My subwoofer coil got "Blacked" hahahahahhaha
  8. The subs were in the back of an 01 silverado extended cab. There was plenty of room and the subs were firing up. There was plenty of room to breathe. Not to mention the fact that the motor was at the mouth of the port. The port has a good five or six in a breathing room as well. I feel that I did a good job on the box, and it's placement. I would show you a photo but I can't really do it. The requirements for the image limit are too low. I can't send any good quality pictures unless you want 240p lol. Or extreme close-ups. Do you have Kik, SnapChat, or Insta? If you don't you can p.m. me your number. I can send you photos and videos.
  9. When in doubt, blame the amp. Is it possible the amp had a problem? I mean I would doubt that a monoblock amp would suck electively choose the subwoofer that's right next to the terminal to be its 'next victim', but possibilities are possibilities. And I'm as open minded as Kurt Cobain.
  10. Ok, they look identical... I can see where the leads touch the terminals, perfect. Where the leads touch the cone, perfect. Where the small wire of the coil leads up inside the dust cap, perfect. Everything is perfect. Idk what happened. This is seriously doesn't make sense. The sub (looks) fine, the amp is fine, the wiring is the same as the wiring wizard. It doesn't make sense. How can the other three Subs be as good looking as when they came out of the factory, but the identical sub with the same wattage input, in the same box, be defected? Something's not adding up.
  11. It's not going to tell me much more than I already know. It's hard to get on camera but I can see the coil clear as day. Orwell at least about 1/4 of it, the rest of it is down inside the motor
  12. Maybe but if the polarity with switch to wouldn't the sub play out of phase? That's what leads me to believe that sub was a dud from the factory. The rest of the subs have a perfectly Crystal Clean copper coil. I would be perfectly fine eating my dinner off of it. However the other one looks like a burnt marshmallow.
  13. I do remember playing one song that was clipped, but as soon as I heard it I turned it off to a diff song. I don't play clipped ass bs. This is supposed to be an SPL bill but I do want SQ. Lol
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