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  1. I don't have enough room for the boxes to be any bigger. Surely not enough room for slot port
  2. 33hz is fine. I wanted 30-33hz. Thinking about just cutting the box down to 3.0 cubes and leaving it sealed.
  3. My box is only going to be 22.5" deep (inside measurements) 16.5h x 17.5w x 22.5d. Doing 4 this size
  4. What size aero port do I need for a skar sdr 15 on 500 Watts rms in 3.7 cube box?
  5. What size/length aero port do I need for a skar sdr 15 d2 on 500 Watts rms in a 3.70 cube box. Want it tuned around 30hz ish..
  6. What size/ length aero port will I need in a 3.75 cube box for this 15 on 500watt rms? Want it tuned around 32-33hz
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