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  1. Thank you so much. I made my mind up last night on the u series. I’m new to the larger wattage systems. My truck is a new diesel so it has 2 large batteries up front. My plans are to upgrade the alt from 180 amps to a 320 mechman and add a 3rd battery (Xs 3400). Two runs of 0/1 from a power distribution block connecting the alt and two batteries at the front to the rear battery. I also have a 10 farad Rockford capacitor. I might do away with the capacitor. Do you feel this will be adequate power for a 4K-5k amp? I’m thinking sundown or dc for the amp.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum. Here’s what I’m working with currently, I am running a JLw7 13.5 in a spec box on a JL rd1500/1 amp wired to 1000 watts @3 ohms. I have to keep one of my rear 60/40 split benches in my 2018 dodge mega cab folded down to fit the box. I’m looking to utilize the large space behind the seat for a new enclosure but am coming up with to many conflicting ideas on how to achieve maximum output. I would like to have something as good or better to what I am running now as far as bass output. Here’s what I have come up with I am looking at using Sundown drivers. I have room to build a ported box for multiple sundown x8’s, 2 down firing zv5 10’s, 2 forward firing u series 12’s or 1 SA-15. I am looking for the most output from the space. Maximum mounting depth is my main constraint. Forward firing the diameter I can use is between 8”-15” with a max mounting depth of around 7.75 inches. Down firing is not limited on depth but diameter of the sub becomes limited to 8”-10”. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My demensions behind the seat are 59L x 24H x 12wbottom 6Wtop. This is not intended to be a vs. thread or an opportunity to bash JL just need some help from someone experienced with Sundown. Thank you guys
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