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  1. Should I try a mega roll surround or just back off the power?
  2. I forgot to mention. It’s only one of the subs
  3. Hi I recently completed a build in my 2018 dodge mega cab. It’s 2 u series 12’s on a sundown 4K. I tuned the amp with an oscilloscope there is no clipping, no smells and the box is 4.9 cubic feet tuned to 30.5 hz. My question is why would the surround tear itself apart after less than a month? Is it possible that the surround is reaching it’s mechanical limit from over excursion? Are there any benefits to updating to a mega roll? (The surround was not damaged during installation) Thank you, any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you!!! I will update with some new pics after I do some more beautification work on the box. The exterior is getting raptor liner and sundowns logo will be getting worked into it some how in a blue Polyurethane high gloss. I ordered a skar skv2 200.4d because I need more power for my mids and highs. They can’t keep up with the bass. Anybody have experience with that type of skar? I’m putting some sound deadening into a few areas that are getting raddled to hell. Can’t beat this truck up too bad she’s only 6 months old. Any suggestions on which product to use?
  5. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0LgwQwvwtJ6-fXRVB43cV1dyw
  6. Thanks again for your guidance. I finished the build. I went with the 2 u series 12’s. I had to make some minor adjustments on the box demensions to fit it right but ended up with a lot more internal air space than I originally thought was possible (4.9 after displacements and bracing) I went with the scv 4000 amp, XS 3100 for the rear did the “big 6” up front for the two front batteries. I scrapped the capacitor and installed the 2 6” aeroprts from big ass ports. Added all SMD fuse blocks and distribution blocks. Sky high OFC 0/1 and all sky high copper terminal rings as well as the dual 0/1 input adapters for the amp. Added the mechman 320... my voltage is the same at idle with the system full tilt as when im cruising with it off. Tuned her up with an oscilloscope and holy crap you weren’t joking when you said pounding. It’s throwing everything out of my cup holders and off my dash. WOW. I’m raptor lining the box when I have some free time. Again thank you. Oh I tuned it to 30.5 hz this gets low
  7. Thank you so much. I made my mind up last night on the u series. I’m new to the larger wattage systems. My truck is a new diesel so it has 2 large batteries up front. My plans are to upgrade the alt from 180 amps to a 320 mechman and add a 3rd battery (Xs 3400). Two runs of 0/1 from a power distribution block connecting the alt and two batteries at the front to the rear battery. I also have a 10 farad Rockford capacitor. I might do away with the capacitor. Do you feel this will be adequate power for a 4K-5k amp? I’m thinking sundown or dc for the amp.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum. Here’s what I’m working with currently, I am running a JLw7 13.5 in a spec box on a JL rd1500/1 amp wired to 1000 watts @3 ohms. I have to keep one of my rear 60/40 split benches in my 2018 dodge mega cab folded down to fit the box. I’m looking to utilize the large space behind the seat for a new enclosure but am coming up with to many conflicting ideas on how to achieve maximum output. I would like to have something as good or better to what I am running now as far as bass output. Here’s what I have come up with I am looking at using Sundown drivers. I have room to build a ported box for multiple sundown x8’s, 2 down firing zv5 10’s, 2 forward firing u series 12’s or 1 SA-15. I am looking for the most output from the space. Maximum mounting depth is my main constraint. Forward firing the diameter I can use is between 8”-15” with a max mounting depth of around 7.75 inches. Down firing is not limited on depth but diameter of the sub becomes limited to 8”-10”. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My demensions behind the seat are 59L x 24H x 12wbottom 6Wtop. This is not intended to be a vs. thread or an opportunity to bash JL just need some help from someone experienced with Sundown. Thank you guys
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