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  1. My plan is 24x13.5Hx14.25 deep. 12x2 port, 2nd port wall along the back stopping 2" short of the end wall. Gives total port length of 34.75" (counting the "turn" at the port opening, adds about 1.75")... What does that look like in Torres? I calculated that at 1.36ft @ 35ish
  2. Yes, I changed to 14.25 deep to come up with the 1.36 hand calculated which leaves 1.26 after sub displacement. I put the same dimensions in the RE Calc and it gives 1.5. There's definitely some discrepancy somewhere, just trying to find it...
  3. So I'm hand calculating a little different than the RE calculator. 24x13.5hx14.25 deep. 12x2 port. 2nd wall 17.75" which leaves 2" to the opposite end. I calculated 1.36ft^3 and RE Calc says 1.5xxft^3. What gives?
  4. Consider a tuned ported enclosure for the current 10"? Other than that, I always recommend Sundown SA series.
  5. One other question - does port length measurement ride along the centerline around the port bends? Think I'm gonna do the 12x2 port @ 34hz and 1.25ft^3 on a 24x13.5x13.5 footprint.
  6. Thanks again. I realize music will largely never get my amp to full tilt. So I'm pretty set on the 13.5x13.5. I'm flexible on the width - say 1.25ft @ 34Hz. Even with 12x1.75 that puts me at 34.5" length... How do I stuff that much port in? Fold it back on itself? Is it best to have the port opening against an adjacent wall or is it ok to terminate it in the middle somewhere from folding? Thanks for the conversation - been a while since I've talked enclosures with anyone. What would you do?
  7. I put the TS params into the calculator at https://www.diyaudioandvideo.com/Calculator/SpeakerBoxEnclosure/ That's where I saw the .63 or something. I kinda just thought it was a fluke. As for the Nine.2x - this was in my truck about 2 years ago. Truck running so I'd say 14.4 or around that. Was using a 50Hz tone and the oscope on the output to watch for clipping. It was under 900 but not by much. I am pretty open on space - just looking for the best daily enclosure configuration. I don't care to drop to 1.25 or even 1 if that will serve me better. To make it easy maybe a 12x2 port? If I nailed down to 1.25 what would port length be for 35Hz (or should I go lower/higher?)? How about frequency response? In the past I've had eD eu700's at 32Hz, [email protected] 28Hz, and RF [email protected] 38Hz.. been over many years so not sure which I like best. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Forgot to mention that I listen to all kinds of music. Old school Twista to Dave Matthews Band and many between.
  9. Hey all! Looking for some general answers and opinions for my single SA-10d2. I'm going to build a ported box for it for my '17 Grand Cherokee. I have a Nine.2x to power it with which clamped at just under 900w before clipping in my truck (Digilent discovery 2 and a clamp DMM). Here's my questions: when I use online calculators I come up with needing around .6-.7 cubes. Sundowns website suggests 1-1.25, and many on the forums say up to 1.5. Why the discrepancies? The 1-1.5 I understand, but the calculation spitting out .6-.7 sounds wrong. I'm leaning toward a 24x13.5x13.5 with a 12x1.5" slot around 22" long. Should get me about 35Hz. Does anyone have any input on this? Sound like a good plan? Anything you'd do differently? Thanks!
  10. My answer is always ported..
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