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  1. Question, where can I buy a can style bass knob??
  2. I have an 08 4door f150 i removed back seat, I have 39cuft for a box i have upgraded alt, 3 batteries all 1/0 wire ampere 5k it will be daily driver/competition which would be better, 2 15” or 2 18”???
  3. No blow through i have 39 sq/ft to play with I’m hoping for ported
  4. Good day all, my question is which would be better suited for my needs 2 15” or 2 18” subs?? i have bigger alt, doing big 3, changing battery underhood, adding secondary batteries. I have 08 4 door F150, pulling back seat out, no wall! This will be daily driver/completion truck as well. I will be running an ampere AA5000.1D amp any input would be appreciated
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