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  1. Hello i have a 4door f150, i took out back and put a 13cu ported box in. I sound deadened roof, wall and all doors. I have a 320amp alt, agm under hood second battery in back. Right now i have 2 18" Fi Team 4 subs on an ampere 7.5K. Im doing a 151 in passenger seat ( Meca) I bough another battery and second amp, my question is does anyone have any advise on how i can get more db?? I dont want a wall box. Thanks
  2. Subs are 2 18” FI Team 4
  3. How do I know what my slope is?
  4. Box is 13cuft tuned 32-34 200sqin port
  5. I have an Ampere 7500.1 mono amp, I am wondering what people are setting there subsonic level too? Or if your even using it. Also LPF should set too? Thanks for help
  6. Thank you all, I am sending it out tomorrow. Such a bummer
  7. Disconnected speakers still does it
  8. I will do that tomorrow thank you
  9. I will do that tomorrow thank you
  10. Deaf bonce super tweeter 25 and deaf bonce Arnold mids
  11. I have a AAK-180.4, checked power wire but every time I turn on it goes into protection, anybody have any advice? thank you
  12. Wow thank you all for the good info. Maybe I should just get a 7.5k and sell my 5k
  13. Later this summer I’ll get another 5k
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