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  1. Hello I have a h.o. Alt for my truck and a stand alone h.o. Alt for my cmaxx interior regulator 15.3v, I have yellow power/ignition wire hooked to a toggle switch i charged my cmax to 14.4 then hooked power wires on my alt to cmax i started my truck played a couple songs and it dropped to 14.1v. Could I have fried my internal regulator?? I took wires off that feed cmax and the alt read 13.4 with my charge going out please advise
  2. My port was 275 and i shrunk it to 193 to see if it would get my peak up but nope. My port is on top in back ill try to post pic
  3. Here it is, i have 4dr f150 no wall sub box. Five Sundown U-15" D2 subs at .8ohms powered off a Crescendo 17k. I have 320amp upgraded alt, all the Big 3. Upgraded AGM under the hood, 4 AGM in back. Voltage holds good. I compete and its my daily driver. Box is 17.5cu after displacement. 193sqin slot port tuned to 32HZ. Box is 58" x 30" x 28" I can hit a 154 but want more, any suggestions on how i can squeeze out more DB's? I have sound deadener throughout.
  4. Any, maybe limitless or limitless cyber 12k or two
  5. Hello all, if I switch to lithium cells or batteries is there anything I need to do to my vehicle to support them? I have an after market 370amp alt in a 08 f150. I only have one alt because I haven’t been able to find out if I can fit two in there so I will be running everything off of that. thank you
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