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  1. Im new to the forum, but I have been into mobile audio for about 15 years. Current setup consist of Pioneer 80PRS, DD Audio mids, RF P3 12's, Zapco Class AB and Class D, 240A mechman, big 3, Optima and XS power batteries, much dynamat, etc... My question is, generally speaking, is Zapco still killing it with their amps of today when speaking of the Z series? I have the Studio series currently and am very happy with them. But I have heard 2 or 3 times "Zapco isn't what it used to be". IMO it appears better than ever. The second part of my question is, do you think ARC Audio is making a good product when it comes to amplifiers and speakers? The Black and SE series are what I have in mind. Considering Robert Zeff is the designer of the SE series amps and basically was Zapco back in the day. Id like to know what stance people would take on the product. thanks
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