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  1. I spliced in too closely to the door speaker. When I thought I disconnected the door speaker from the amp and head unit I actually left the amp connected to the door speaker and disconnected the head unit side. The door speaker was picking up vibrations from the subwoofer and sending it back through the input wires. Which created the single tone exponential humming at max volume. Hope this helps someone
  2. The door speaker has always sounded great and never dampened or clippy
  3. I’ve got the 9 speaker factory alpine system. Which has a 12 channel - 500w amp. I remember trying to feed off the tweeters and stock sub in the trunk and realizing they both had frequency filters. With my rock and roll I built an oversized, under-tuned box with a steep roll off. My x-over hits all the way up to about 200hz but loses its boominess around 100hz. So I definitely wanna Tap into full range speakers.
  4. I see the general area of the problem now... LOC has been tested with another system. Same as the amp n subs. When I disconnected the door speaker the humming got much worse. I think there’s a problem farther towards the head unit. Could this be bad head unit ground or some kind of amp for the door speakers...?0.0
  5. I’ve had a system in my car for 3 months Started humming 1 month ago and for a week it’s been humming louder than most bass lines and shakes everything in my car (when it’s not supposed to even with no music playing ) humming is around 80hz and never changes volume or pitch 2016 Dodge Dart w factory head unit Spliced into audio input for driver door speaker just underneath the pillar Humming only happens when the RCA cables are connected When it started happening it was only when the driver door was closed(went away while open) It started getting louder and louder so on the 3-way connection between 1 the amp 2 the door speaker and 3 the head unit I disconnected the door speaker—-leaving the amp audio input connected to the head unit Now it hums insanely loud and shakes everything wether there’s music playing or not I’ve tried grounding my amp directly to the battery I’m clue less here
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