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  1. Thank yall so much I know its been a while since I replied, but this problem is kinda sporadic. But one night I saw the light. For some reason its like my amp is grounding to the car chasis I kept seeing flashes coming from the rear so I just put some extra carpet down and problem is gone. I even get more sound from the subs as a result I've haven't really seen this before any feedback is always welcome and again thanks
  2. Thank you two . I actually have already done the big 3 completely slipped my mind I will check the gain again and the grounds in the rear. I have made sure on the front of the car all grounds are good and tight.
  3. good evening to all! I have a 93 acura legend. My voltage keeps dropping headlights dim i know something gotta be wrong just cant get to the bottom of it. I'm running sky-high 0gauge ofc, I have two fi audio xv3 12s a kicker cxa 1800 and stock battery and 250 singer alt. I've killed one battery im on my next battery. I have future plans on getting a xs agm but I keep reading that I should be good with just the high output alt. Hope you guys can help me out if you will.
  4. Thank yall for the knowledge really appreciate it! I'm from south Texas all it is, is hot down here temp says 90 cars reading 109. I should have me a singer 250amp by next month. This is my first real build and by far the loudest i've had wanna make sure I do it right. Thanks again
  5. It's about 2 years old I got it tested at dealership I work at said everything was fine just wanted a more car audio tuned opinion. I was thinking the heat had something to do with it. I think it was doing it before the big 3, there wasn't much of a drop until I put big 3 but it puts it back just as fast as the amp takes it. Thanks for your knowledge. I want to make sure I got a good home for my new alternator I'm ordering
  6. Hello, I've been having this problem a couple months now, where without a load I'll be driving and voltage will slowly drop. When I start the car voltage will be at 14.1- 14.3 I live about 10 miles from work by the time I get to work it is at 13.5 - 13.8. Is this normal or do I have a up coming problem. 1993 Acura legend c32a 110 amp alternator big 3
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