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  1. Kool thanks yall should have put a budget number on here. It's like 250 lol
  2. Sup guys wonder if yall can help me on a good amp for my subs I have a pair of Fi audio xv3 x12 2ohm dvc. Hope yall can help me out. Oh yeah their 1000 rms and if it matters 3 spiders
  3. Nothing yet going step by step cause I got limited room but I really wanted to get that brutal sounds bs2.1
  4. Thanks ,I just dont think I'll have the room. But the thought did cross my mind. The trunk is so small it's a 93 Acura legend sedan looks like ludacris's but stock
  5. Thanks anyway White lightning. But there Fi audio xv3 x12s dual 2 ohm really should of gotten the dual 1 ohm, but I didnt know
  6. Thanks ToNasty that's what I was figuring but when I went to grab my volt meter the numbers looked like acient greek. I looked on net to see how to wire them and ended up wiring them in 2ohm and they were not as loud.
  7. First pair of dvc subs and was wondering how to wire them, I am hoping down to 1 ohm. But after searching the web I'm not sure if I can. Any advice would be appreciated
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