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  1. Thank yall so much I know its been a while since I replied, but this problem is kinda sporadic. But one night I saw the light. For some reason its like my amp is grounding to the car chasis I kept seeing flashes coming from the rear so I just put some extra carpet down and problem is gone. I even get more sound from the subs as a result I've haven't really seen this before any feedback is always welcome and again thanks

  2. good evening to all! I have a 93 acura legend. My voltage keeps dropping headlights dim i know something gotta be wrong just cant get to the bottom of it. I'm running sky-high 0gauge ofc, I have two fi audio xv3 12s a kicker cxa 1800 and stock battery and 250 singer alt. I've killed one battery im on my next battery. I have future plans on getting a xs agm but I keep reading that I should be good with just the high output alt. Hope you guys can help me out if you will. 

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