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  1. not 100%, its about 3.5 net. Tuned to 30hz, 14cu in per squ ft for port. I just have a feeling this sub isn't built to get low (SQ HDS4)
  2. What are some good 15's that do well around 25-30hz, Im running an RP3500 for around $400. I current have a Soundcubed HDS4 15. xmax is only 22, FS is 29.6. Box is tuned to 30hz, doesnt seem to hit the lows that well, peaks at about 35+
  3. This one was already reconed. I think last setup I had it in 5.2cu ft and it sounded much better.
  4. thats what im thinkin, but many people are sayin with 4cu. ft net I should switch to a 15 or 2x12's
  5. Time for a new sub (or possibly a recone). Blew mine yesterday (18" Treo SSX) Looking for opinions. Running a Skar rp3500.1 on solid electrical. Budget is about $450. I have net 4.3cu. ft to work with if ported, with all displacements included. I'm open to options, 2x 12's ported, 2x15's sealed (no room to port), another 18" (seems Skar is the only decent 18 in my budget), etc etc. Most 15's i've seen still require more than 2.5cu ft. per sub. I can get away with 5.5cu. ft with a sealed box
  6. hoping someone responds to this, but for those of us who aren't as technically educated, I'd love if one of you can break down for your average joe, is running a 2000-3000W system on a stock alt with a lithium ion battery a better idea than spending 1K on 2-4 AGM batteries and hassling with upgrading the Alt.
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