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  1. ok I understand what you are saying now. Kind of different question... For a car audio application, isnt a higher C-rating more relevant than the "AH"? For example, wouldn't 15ah battery with 30 C-rating be better than a 50ah with a 5 c-rating? Quicker recharge, slow discharge rates...
  2. I hear what you are saying, but in a world of quickly changing technology, the goal is always to make things smaller and more efficient. Theres got to be a rating in these cells that determines how much "capacity" they have. If we just looked at it as bigger is better, my rebuttal would be look at a 1gb drive 5-10 years was the size of a they are fitting 50+gb in a thumb drive...
  3. You bring up a good point, I've never seen a "reserve capacity" rating on lithium batteries. Thanks again for the help!
  4. Hi guys, looking for a budget battery, think I found some good options, but im really curious about the VMAX, never really heard of them but seems to be by far the best bang for the buck of these 3.? Which Battery, Kinetic 2400, VMax, or Dekka? VMAX- $260, 120AH, 230Reserve Kinetic HC2400 Blu- $225 120AH, not sure of reserve Deka Intimidator Group 31- $265, 92AH, 175 reserve. Looks like VMAX in a landslide to me but im not familiar with them. I want to keep it under $300 Thoughts?
  5. 1. So the AH x C rating = max amps? What exactly does that mean "Max" amps? until what happens? 2. Each CELL has 70ah? wtf kind of cells are you using? lol. 3. I guess what im struggling with is despite the size, if a smaller cell has 3.2v, and 8ah and so does a bigger one...whats the difference? Can't just be the fact that they're bigger. 4. I see a lot of these lithium batteries say 100 amps or 200 amps (not amp hours)....what is that stating? Will an amp that pulls 300-400amps not work with these? Thanks for the help
  6. Thanks for pointing me there. I'm hung up on this part, i don't quite understand "The specs say the maximum charge current is less than 3C (48A x 3 = 144A). Lets assume you have a 300A alternator, which is an acceptable size for a 5K. 300A is 6.25C.". Which specs say the max charge current is less than 3c? Is that saying the cells shouldn't be charge at a higher rate than 3c? Where did that number come from? How does 300A = 6.25c? Thanks, Steve B
  7. What characteristic of the battery controls how long it can take that amperage draw? Is that the C-rating? The reason I ask is because I see so many people making 12V batteries with the 18650 cells that are like 4-5Amps each, and 3.2v....why are those not as desirable vs the 38120's with the same ratings? How do you get to 700 amps for 10 seconds? What calculation do you use to determine that? Thanks for the help.
  8. LOL, i respect a man who can admit he doesnt know what he's doing, but still giving it a try. What are the power ratings per cell on those Cmax? Voltage and amps? I'm curious why so many only gets you 12 volts OR 45ah? I have put in about 20hrs of research in the last few days on cells and lithium. The BMS is to keep each individual cell from getting to a volatile state. If the voltage drops to low (under 2V) or to high (above 5V depending on the cells starting voltage of course) they can become volatile. The better cells are less like to explode due to their construction and safeguards. I've read anything under 32deg. lithium cells WILL NOT charge at all. Take this info for a grain of salt, as i'm by no means and expert, but quickly getting eddumacated
  9. Do you have any pics of the BMS you used? When you say C-max, what does that mean? All I know is like energy cell, power cell, chemical makeup, and 38120, 18650, etc. Trying to figure out when I look at all these different companies batteries (not just cells) what im looking at for best performance. I don't understand how some people use 16x 18650 batteries and create 12v, 40ah they perform as well as using 38120's? Are they as safe? Does 1 companies 38120 perform better than another? etc. Still figuring it all out. Seems the Linyong or whatever are the go-to for safety. Thats another topic in itself, what makes 1 safer than another, how do I know, what do I look for. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  10. Ive been considering building my own, but from a safety perspective it seems there arw only a few really safe cells out there that are recommended. Are those 45ah each? Looks huuuge. I dont have the kind of room to work with.
  11. Hello, Wondering if anyone has heard of nexgen batteries? Prices seem pretty good, company has been around for quite a while. I spoke with the owner, he sells military grade lithium batteries, said he has his batteries powering 1/2 the cell towers in the Appalachian mountains, seems like a solid company. Said his batteries "can be hit with a shotgun" and they're still safe, they can take a large amount of abuse which leads me to believe his cells are top quality. Anyone heard of them before? Know of anyone using them? This is what I was considering. What do you look at for good performance in a lithium battery? Like AGM you typically focus on AH, what other factors in lithium do you look at to consider power handling? Why choose 1 battery over the other, 1 company vs another? I'm pretty familiar with lithium at this point, just not what determines power handling. Seems like 3 companies can build a 40ah battery, but just not sure what else determines power handling with these. Thanks
  12. Thats 20 cu in/ squ. ft.. that yuuuuge. I have to give it a try, I don't have any other options for this kind of out of space. Worst case, it doesnt work and gotta figure something out, but it is the recommended cu. in. per Treo's recommendation.
  13. Totally botched this one! Didnt notice I only had 28cu. in of port. My options were either 3x 4" ports = 38cu. in,............ or 1x 8" aero = 50 cu in. I feel 38 is to little, and 50 for aero might be to much? Treo recommended 50cu. in. for a slot port. Im going to be running an 18" Treo SSX off a Skar rp3500
  14. Hello everyone, I am designing my own box and was hoping someone could review it. Goal was no smaller than 4 cu ft. Its an 18" Treo SSX rebuilt by PSI. Treo recommended 50cu in. of port, BUT i told them I was using aero ports and they still recommended the same..? I was always under the impression they didnt need as much port? This design is 1x 8" port = 50 cu in. I can't figure out another configuration to hit 40 cu in, if 50 is to much. Tuned to about 35hz. (see attached) Any help is appreciated
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