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  1. I'm using Dayton Reference 4 ohm drivers. I was impressed by the um 12 flat response and output so I checked out other drivers and decided to try. The tweets are in sails and aimed dead center. They are amazing compared the the mb's that were in and have much better transition. I need to get 3 way cross before I'll fiberglass in new woofers.
  2. Im focusing on sq on this build so I jumped up on mid bass to fill the gap and decided to add a 4 to guarantee no gap in mid range.
  3. I'm building a 3 way front stage with a 7, 4 and 1 inch soft dome. I'll be running them off my old school Soundstream Class A and active isn't an easy option. Does anyone have any recommendations on good passives. The B2 3 way looked like a option or are there any others that have tweeter and mid attenuation. Thanks for any suggestions.
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