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  1. thanks for that information. i looked at homedepot today. they had birch 3/4 but just 6 ply. ill check out the pine. we got a local lumber yard where i live calling them tomorrow. just trying to get away from mdf just so darn heavy. got 3 10s in sealed box in my wknd truck and it is heavy. thanks for the help though. im sure my local lumber yard has the pine or birch.
  2. thank u so much yea he seemed very smart on the hole thing just never seen it like that. im heading to homedepot now. i want to build out of birch any ideas on that. how many ply or should i stick with mdf.
  3. hello first post ever so sorry if im in the wrong place. i had a custom sub enclosure designed and on pdf file. really nice work i think. just concerned on where 2 ports meet. usually there is a divider in between the two ports. i asked him about it said it will work fine like that helped keep the port velocity down. first ever ported box build just want to make sure all is ok. can the great guys on this forum check out my enclosure and let me know what they think. it came with air speed and tfm graph but i have no idea what that stuff means. im running a cresendo 4000 watt rms 1 ohm amp. going in a dodge quad cab truck removing back seat. hope its all good cause im dying to get started. thanks
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