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  1. Thanks, that’s really helpful. I am too eager right now to have a lot of power when i still have stock electrical I might get an 18 inch sub that is 1250 watts rms which will save some money for either sound deadening or mids and highs.
  2. Is 5k really necessary for only 2400 watts worth of subs? I mean it gets damn expensive to go that high and I would never be using all of it.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I was planning on running two Soundqubed hds3 15s, but maybe one 18 with half the power would be a better bet for a more balanced system. Crazy bass and shaking is appealing to me now, but I'm sure later on once I realize that I can't hear the words anymore I would rather have a more balanced system.
  4. Ok so for the enclosure I am planning on making a 9 cube box tuned to 30 hertz with 3/4 mdf and the front panel double layered. Is that a solid box or should I change anything?
  5. I am new to car audio and want a sub that will shake my car and can be heard from blocks away. Will two 15’s each 1200 watts rms on a 2250 watt rms sub do the job?
  6. I found a power max USA 250 amp alternator for 230 dollars on eBay. Great price, but are they good are not?
  7. Thanks, pretty sure the stock alt is like 90 amps and i never plan on running it with the car off. eBay alts are very cheap but are they bad? There is a 250 amp one for my car model
  8. I am planning on installing two soudqubed hds3 15 inch subwoofers in my car. They are 1200 watt rms each and I will probably put them on a 2250 watt rms amp in a ported box. In the future I will also add a 4 channel amp with 100 rms per channel for the mids and highs, so I will want to consider that when figuring out my electrical system. And I have all stock electrical at the moment so what would you recommend I do for my electrical system? HO Alternator? Big 3? Both? Battery? I am new to car audio so any help would be great. I have a Land Rover Lr3 2006
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