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  1. Okay cool I’ll try and look at it. The amp is 2ohm and 4ohm bridged. Can that be an issue? I hooked up the wires the same way after installing the kickers the same way I had them wired with the alpines. And the fuse on the amp kept blowing. Do you think there’s not enough power?
  2. Hey y’all I don’t know much about wiring and need help. I had 2 alpine type s dual voice coils subs and am trying to switch to 4ohm single coil subs. My box has 2 separate chambers and I have a 4channel amp. If someone can help drawing a diagram of how it should be wired completely that will help. I tried hooking up the wires from each channel but the subs don’t work properly. Can you please help me out. Thanks
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