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  1. Yo dudes! Forum newb but former car audio installer here. I'm installing some equipment in my newly acquired daily driver, a 2014 Kia Forte EX. The poor thing had 100% head unit powered speakers in it and man did they sound like crap! I bought some mid-level JL amps and have them located under the from seats, here's where things get interesting. 30 years ago when I did this for a living you could just look or run your hand under a car to see if there were any harnesses or brake lines or something along those lines that one needs to be careful of. This car had a plastic panel under it that I suppose I could remove but it's so damn low to the ground that would kinda suck. Top that off with the fact that the car has an interior subfloor! I don't know if that's a thing these days or not but I'm not drilling holes and running screws into a void that I can't see into. Any recommendations here? I'd hate to velcro these amps to the carpet. LOL!
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