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  1. It's a design a friend had in his Accord. But to be honest, I'm looking for best bass quality and pressure. The box I have now is a prefab sundown box for the SA 12s. Just too much high notes in it. Want a true 32hz tune to the box.
  2. Yes I did. That's the biggest I came go and still be able to get in in and out with the two xs batteries in the truck too.
  3. Also if it helps it is going in a 2007 Honda Accord. And will pay for the plans.
  4. 1I need help getting a design and cut sheet to build a box for 2 sundown SA12 rev 3 duel 4 ohm subwoofers. The biggest I can go is 20" deep 36" wide 15.75" tall I would like for the subs to face up port to the rear. Can anyone please help me with this.
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