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  1. Just incase anyone runs into this, I figured it out. The amp was picking up some sort of noise from my car through the head unit. All I had to do was ground the rca's to the head unit shield and it stopped the noise.
  2. Okay so I bought an om-1 a couple weeks ago and just got around to hooking it up. I got yellow going to remote, black to ground, red to constant, and the white wire I've tried in both the positive terminals on my skv1 4500. Here's my problem. I hooked up the white wire and left the volume at 9 out of 40 and 33 is where it clips, then turned my bass knob up slowly. From all the way down to about half way up on my bass knob no sound came out, then when I went right past half way the subs were at full volume and it sounded louder than I had the gains set at. When I took just the white output meter wire out it went back to normal. My amp was tuned with a dd1 and the gains are set down well well well below clipping currently because I don't have a good enough charging system to handle my amp yet. So my gains are fine. Has anybody seen this issue before?
  3. @bmwking No I'm running a single sub in its own box. That single box is the one that has issues. I need to build the new one for the two subs, but I don't Want the bottoming out issue to happen again do I'm trying to get input from other people before I build the new box.
  4. @Ron36 I only have one. I'm getting the second one tomorrow but I'm trying to get input on building the box for the two of them together. Currently just the 1 sub is bottoming out when I run it at rms.
  5. The website isn't letting me upload anything but I had skar look at and measure everything and they said it was exactly how it's supposed to be. So I'm not sure if I need to go exactly to spec for their subs, over that size or under that size. The box is 32 inches wide by 15 inches tall and 16.5 inches deep Tuned to 34hz The port is 13.5 inches tall, roughly 2.8 inches wide and 23.5 long The single sub has a displacement of .15 and the port is .65 Total volume is 3.65 cubic feet and net volume is 2.85
  6. @mfdoom7 It was tuned with a dd1 so I'd assume it's not clipping. But I was running a skar rp2000 at 1 ohm and I had the gains set damn near all the way down. And now I'm running it at 4 so I'm Pushing around 800 watts out of it. I hooked up my friends skar rp1500 at 1 ohm, tuned it with the dd1 and ran into the same bottoming out issue even at rms.
  7. @mfdoom7That's what I don't understand. I was pushing 1500 and having issues but other people can run 3k and have no problem. I took it back to skar and they said everything is fine with the sub so that really narrows it down to enclosure size. But I built it to their specifications so something isn't adding up.
  8. Yes Recommended is 1500 rms a and 3000 max and that's what I'm pushing. The weird part is I've watched 3000+ watts rms run through those subs in a different build and they took it no problem.
  9. I'm not sure exactly, but going with factory recommendations didn't exactly work out for a single enclosure. Everything was tuned right and the sub was bottoming out (running rms power) at a volume well below clipping on my head unit. So far both shops and friends that I've had look at it have all said that the problem is the box is too big. The volume was 3.8 cubic feet taking into account the .65 cubic foot port displacement and the .15 woofer displacement and tuned to 34hz like their website recommended.
  10. I've been trying to figure out the right specs for two Zvx 12v2's. Their website recommends 3 cubic feet per sub 6 cubic feet total after displacements but I've heard anything from 4 cubic feet to 7.5 cubic feet. Any pointers on what I should run?
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