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  1. its for a ssa gcon 10 going in the trunk of a 2014 toyota corolla
  2. I would love to make the line longer but my max width is 31 inches is there a better sub suited to a t line or should I build a ported box instead
  3. how would I make it go below 40 Hz and will this box be ok for all types of music with a nice bass output it will be going in a 2014 Toyota corolla
  4. I made the line area a bit smaller is this better or shuld i go with my first plan I will have to run a spacer for the sub to fit
  5. I am probably going to run 450 watts off the 5th channel of a NVX JAD900.5
  6. my first time with a t line and just wont to know if this looks right it for a Sundown Audio E 10 V3 D4
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