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  1. Yah, definitely sad to see a classic like that go. That model was introduced in 1985, over 3 decades of use. Perfect sound quality up until the day it died with no issue whatsoever during that time. I got a few more things i'm gonna try. Hate to just throw her out. Thank you for finding a good replacement, i'll be ordering that if i cant resurrect it. Thank you all!
  2. Update: I took the amp out and checked the internal fuses. One of them was blown, i replaced it, reinstalled it and as soon i powered it up, it blew the same fuse again immediately. Everything is wired up the way it should be. Is this old amp just dying?
  3. Hi Josh, thank you for reaching out so quickly! The stereo is a pioneer (AVH-270BT), the amp is a Harman Kardon (CA260) bridged with 10" sub Pretty humble setup, straight forward, has worked for years without any issue
  4. Hi guys, so I've had this sub-woofer in my SUV for over a year now. The other day it started to make a crackling/static noise in the whole audio system. All the door and dash speakers are heavily effected, its only when the bass hits. When i go into the stereo settings and turn off the subwoofer everything works fine. I've completely rewired the system, everything has a clean connection. Any ideas? Or suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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