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  1. Hey there Jnasty, or do you prefer Mr. Nasty? I'm pretty sure I still have a 4000SE. I can try and dig it out of the back of my shop tomorrow morning. Well, I just noticed it's after midnight so I guess it is tomorrow, so I mean I'll go dig it out later this morning. I know it worked when I stored it away but that's been about 2 years ago so I'll have to bench test it and make sure she's still 100%. About the only thing that could happen while stored is the electrolytics, the capacitors, could start leaking. If so, worst case scenario is they've been leaking long enough that the fluid has eroded the pc board and damaged traces. But that's HIGHLY unlikely. But if it's the amp I'm thinking of the bottom cover is missing. I want to say the owner had replaced it with a piece of acrylic and had it mounted upside down or whatever to show off the "guts" as y'all say. I could be wrong. I could be thinking of a different amp completely. A different 5 foot long 300 pound current sucking monster. I've worked on thousands and, if you're old enough to remember the 80's-early 90's the acrylic bottom/top to show off an amps internals was pretty common. That is, if you had an amp that was worth showing off the "guts". That Arc 4000 was. I'm pretty sure that 4000SE was a Rob Zef design and he was/is very solid on his PCB layout design fundamentals. So the inside of the amp didn't look like a "DAMN IT" bomb just when off in it like so many did back then. Oh, if you're wondering, I had a repair shop for years. That's where the Arc I have came from. Either a customer sent it in for repair and never picked it up ( it happens ). Or it's one that I purchased to fix and sell. I'm pretty sure a customer sent it in. If it does have the acrylic bottom that's exactly what happened. I'm in Pensacola Florida. Shipping on that big bitch is going to suck. Other than that, whatever was owed for the repair is all I'll want for the amp. I want to say it wasn't much. Like $170 or something. I'm pretty sure it was under $200. That's why I was so surprised he never picked it up. It's worth a bunch more than $200. Anyway, I'll dig it out and let you know for sure here in about 10 hours.
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