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  1. looks like 7.5 or 9.5 is actual diameter i assume i should go with the 9.5 internal appears to be 7.25 on the 8 and 9.25 on the other
  2. great suggestion never thought of that, would it need to be flared to reduce noise or would it be ok just cut to length and epoxied in ?
  3. or would i be best served making a square wooded port around 8 inches square and 18 or so inches long ?
  4. hi all i have another newb question, i cant seem to locate 8 inch pipe locally , lets assume i went with a few 4inch ports , how many and what lengths would be optimal in my situation ? subs and ports firing toward the roof , so it doesnt matter how much port is sticking out of the box. thanks
  5. I also forgot to mention the aeroport will be aprox 18-19 inches with 10 inches or so being in the box would this be ok ?
  6. hello all. i recently purchased 2 rockville W12K6D2 V2 , dual 2 ohm coils , my amp i will be using is a soundstream ar1.8000d , i plan on running a 2 ohm load total to the subs @600 w ea , the amp according to BigD on youtube it should do about 1200 rms give or take . the box i think i may be going with will be 36" wide 17"deep 19"tall , im thinking of doing an 8" aero port with about 10" in the box and the rest protruding , the car these are going in is a nissan versa note hatchback subs and port firing to the roof, my question is does this seem like a reasonable box with that size port, i have had many systems over the years but none ported . Thanks in advance
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