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  1. I have a similar question do you run 1 0 gauge wire to each battery from alternator or just to one battery since they are already wired in series ? And what about an extra run from both batteries to the case as a ground ?
  2. It could just be mechanical noise I’m hearing but it makes me nervous. I don’t want to damage my equipment. Thanks for the help bro
  3. Thanks for the insight there is a few songs I’ve came across that plays lower than what I think my setup is capable subs really get to slapping sound like they bottom out on some super low notes I just avoid going full tilt on those songs. Think I could cure that with turning my filter up some ? Or should I just avoid the ultra low lows? One of the songs it does this on is ganja man I think it gets down to around 18Hz. And another is the low note on bass I love you that’s the two I notice it on. I know with the box tuning I’m at I can get pretty low but that seems a bit much for my setup
  4. Is Hushmat any good ? I’m gonna take my headliner down and tac weld some bracing in the top and use some panel bond on all the joints. And the shop where I get my stuff said they used the Hushmat in their competition van so I was just wandering on that. I listen to a lot of Dj slow n throw and dj russticals and I think their stuff is recorded to -7.5 Db I think is what he said. I have it tuned to a -5 tone now and I think it is right at 53volt and any higher I start to see distortion. So if I go to a -7.5 or a -10 tone I can get a little more out of it ya think ? Or would ya stay conservative
  5. I have 2 tezla 1.5 12’s in a 05 4 door duramax on a tezla 4k amp full big three upgrade and all w stock alternator. And a ts power td 160 amp on all the interior speakers they are all Db drive wdx series. With a Sony xnv 660bt head unit. I tested my headunit and have a clean wave on scope at a 0Db 40Hz tone at 46 on volume. And using a -5Db 40 Hz tone to set sub gains by. My question is would I be louder tuning with a -2.5 or a -7.5 tone? Subs stay cool and never no hot feel or smell and even on the hardest hits voltage stays above 11.8 is the lowest over seen. My box is tuned at 30 Hz as well. And plus when I go full tilt I have flex city going on I need some good recommendations for sound deadener. thanks
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