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    Jbl GTQ amp help

    I wish it was just a switch. There isn't a switch for auto on anywhere on the amp. I even looked inside a bit. I appreciate the idea. It's a fantastic amp, even if 20yrs old. The part that makes me wonder about internals is that it stays on with just the power and ground hooked up. No remote or signal wires at all. Hopefully it's not something minor to make me trash it. It pairs good with my old gti 404 components.
  2. I've been a casual follower as I've been busy with life for a while. Long story short, my truck has been in mothballs for about 10 years after a cross country move and after a bit of work getting it road ready I got to my old system. Basically my jbl GTQ 360 is staying on even with the remote wire removed. I'm not running high level inputs that would trigger the signal sense turn on. My other amps both turn on and off by remote when they should. It's strange, I made sure no stray strands are contacting from the power to remote terminal (that I can see externally). I imagine it would be noticeable with the ceramic blocks rather than exposed type terminals some have. I'm also using ferrules on my cable ends. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. I've metered my remote and other basic troubleshooting but at this point open to suggestions. My Google-fu has also been unsuccessful in a way.
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