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  1. Thanks for all the advice this is just temporary will be running 2 Vfl 22ks at the end of the year just want to get this build up and running asap
  2. Right I got 4 ces 370s and 300 ah custom built cmax lithium if I have to add some banks then I will
  3. Signal processor of course yes im serious as you can see i already bought the subs and 300 ah worth of lithium, box not built yet Derek sindyla building my box,and plotting impedance rise yes that' s what im currently doing contacted manufacture yes I did,detailed specs yeah they haven't got back to me about the measurments yet Yeah its not typical but I got some years experience on installing basic to intermediate systems now I wanna to expand my knowledge some and take it to the next level
  4. My plan was the 5 8ks but it was brought to my attention that I could go with the 30ks and won't have to worry about doing so much gain matching plus with the 30k being wired low it would do better with impedance rise just wanted a little input Thats why i asked
  5. Im on a budget can afford those unless I can get 2 for 3 grand
  6. Should I run 2 Taramps Bass 30ks each @.4 or 5 Taramps Md 8ks each @1ohm on 10 Resilient Sounds Platnium 18s which would be louder after impedance Rise?
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