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  1. I currently use a standard inline fuse, and am considering moving to a circuit breaker, similar to these: https://www.amazon.com/Stinger-SGP90300-300-AMP-Circuit-Breaker/dp/B00TPKZUV0 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C3D19TD I would take two 1/0 cables from the battery to a DS18 dual reducer (https://www.amazon.com/DS18-DPIV1-Gauge-Reducers-Offset/dp/B06XHRVZ4C/), than into the 300A breaker, Than another DS18 dual "reducer" to expand back to two 1/0 cables, than out to the amps/etc. What are you all using? I see there are some negative reviews on some of the breakers... Thoughts? Also, I was looking for some type of remote-trip breaker to use with an Emergency Stop button, but cant find anything (a breaker to put on my main amp/stereo power cable that can be tripped remotely with a low-voltage E-Stop button mounted near the driver). Does anyone else do an E-stop circuit, or does everyone just wire in a fuse an forget about it?
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