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  1. Thanks it could be something like that will have a play around a bit more
  2. I know I designed it as I entered the figures in myself What I'm trying to work out now is why two different programs are giving me different net volumes when both dimensions are entered the same like in the screenshots. The difference I am seeing is that they are calculating the total port volume differently for some reason which I can't work out.
  3. I really like the subboxpro design program, but I am still not sure why Torres is giving me different net volume unless I did a type somewhere regardless of final volume and tuning? I just don't want to go ahead with anything if subboxpro is somehow wrong vs Torres?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, the bit I'm still stuck on is that subboxpro gives me 2.5 net after port displacement which is what I was aiming for originally, but Torres/yourself is saying the 2.68 net which is pushing it like you say. Is subboxpro wrong?
  5. Hoping to check the subboxpro design I've got here looks ok before I start it? eg. net volume and port length are calculated correctly thanks
  6. I'm building up a box for my Skar VXF 12" (0.14ft displacement, pushing around 1700rms currently) looking at 2.5ft net tuned to 28hz and 30sq port. I've designed the box dimensions in subboxpro external height 17.56" x Width 17" x Depth 25.44" to fit in the back and happy with it, but then I checked in Torres and I think I copied it all the same, but I noticed Torres gives me about 0.18 less port displacement so more net volume 2.68 - not sure how Torres is designing the port in terms of location and bends in the box. But basically is the subboxpro design accurate and looks ok?
  7. Just wanting to add more in, if I use an oscilloscope to adjust my amp gain, am I right to assume that if the voltage calculated is higher then what I thought I would get, I am simply getting more power from my amp before clipping which is good?
  8. Thanks, I've only got 800rms on it right now and can tell it wants way more! My alternator is 180a - I was playing it safe with a 1500rms amp, or could I push a higher wattage amp like 2.5k? Big 3 not an option...
  9. Still finalizing amp but looking at Skar RP-1500 - 1500rms at 1ohm, don't think I will be upgrading this. I do like lows and a flatter response...but I'm just wondering how noticeable it will be going from a 2ft box which seems ok to only 2.5ft in terms of output/lows?
  10. I've currently got a new Skar VXF 12" in a 2ft box tuned to 28hz, would there be a noticeable gain changing to a larger 2.5ft (or bigger) 28hz box? I understand it should hit a bit lower and louder which I am after, but will it be noticeable from a 2ft box which seems to be average for a 12"?
  11. Looking at the Skar RP-1500 myself, for the money and dyno ratings (slightly underrated) looks the best value.
  12. Installed an older monoblock amp, powers up ok, but noticed it going into protection mode each time the bass hits (even with sub disconnected, worse when it is and seems to draw heaps of power as the car lights flick also, but no output to the sub), I'm guessing something is overloading on the amp even with gains down, can it be repaired easily? Swapped over to a working monoblock on the same cabling and works fine.
  13. Just wanted to clarify that setting my SSF and LPF with DMM on my amp is to multiply or divide by .707? I've read both and different for each.... I thought it was multiply to set a lower voltage for both eg: - SSF at 25hz - set volume get voltage multiply by .707 - play 25hz test tone and set SSF until i hit this lower voltage? - LPF at 80hz- set volume get voltage multiply by .707 - play 80hz test tone and set LPF until i hit this lower voltage?
  14. Thanks for the replies looking at a Skar SDR which is potentially a little underrated. If I am playing music as a daily, it sounds like you can also go a bit above RMS as it's not always going to peak the wattage based on the music/impedance rise?
  15. Just using a multi meter and oscilloscope (same as a DD1?) to work out estimated distortion free output from the amp, with a hypothetical 600rms sub and 1500rms amp at 1ohm. Do I set the amp hard at 600rms to match the sub or give it a bit more due to playing music not tones/impedance rise? 800rms? more?
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