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  1. Thanks never knew that about aero vs slot port bends.
  2. Just curious that the bend in that round port is enough to cause an issue (would have thought its naturally curved inside)? Only that I've seen lots of boxes with non 45 slot port right angles, would this be even worse?
  3. Just wondering, I could be totally off track, but would my home theatre powered sub box from SVS tuned to 20hz (PB12-NSD - 12" - 400rms) and from measurements on sites is considered SQ/flat/low distortion be put in my car as a test to get a feel for what a more SQ orientated sub would sound like? It would obviously just be temporary with a power cable running to it and RCA's to a sound source and the car not moving anywhere...... The only thing I can think of that might throw it off is that it is tuned to 20hz, but it is apparently flat through the sub range so technically should
  4. Yep the IDMAX and Brahma seem to still get recommenced for SQ and getting loud all these years later.....tempting!
  5. Hmm have a Skar VXF which seems to be a pretty decent mix of SPL and SQ, tempted to replace it with an IDMAX12 but guessing I'll lose some SPL? Thinking that is probably the tradeoff for more SQ.....does the IDMAX still hit super low, and would it handle 1500rms on music ok?
  6. I've read some of the really SQ oriented subs like the Morel Ultimo almost sound too....analytical? great for SQ but might be the type of sound you might not necessarily like after hearing more SPL type subs....wish I could demo to find out myself!
  7. I know this is really subjective, and even harder as I can't really demo the subs before I buy them in my own box and car.....I currently have a Skar VXF tuned low with about 1500rms and it slams hard, SQ seems great, but of course I don't really have anything to compare it with. Big question is, will I will hear a big difference in SQ/more musical spending $400-500+ on a better quality sub say FI Q, SSA ICON, JL W7, Sundow X, DD Audio etc and hear a big difference? Or is this spend more on better quality parts versus a huge change in sound?
  8. Thanks it could be something like that will have a play around a bit more
  9. I know I designed it as I entered the figures in myself What I'm trying to work out now is why two different programs are giving me different net volumes when both dimensions are entered the same like in the screenshots. The difference I am seeing is that they are calculating the total port volume differently for some reason which I can't work out.
  10. I really like the subboxpro design program, but I am still not sure why Torres is giving me different net volume unless I did a type somewhere regardless of final volume and tuning? I just don't want to go ahead with anything if subboxpro is somehow wrong vs Torres?
  11. Thanks for the feedback, the bit I'm still stuck on is that subboxpro gives me 2.5 net after port displacement which is what I was aiming for originally, but Torres/yourself is saying the 2.68 net which is pushing it like you say. Is subboxpro wrong?
  12. Hoping to check the subboxpro design I've got here looks ok before I start it? eg. net volume and port length are calculated correctly thanks
  13. I'm building up a box for my Skar VXF 12" (0.14ft displacement, pushing around 1700rms currently) looking at 2.5ft net tuned to 28hz and 30sq port. I've designed the box dimensions in subboxpro external height 17.56" x Width 17" x Depth 25.44" to fit in the back and happy with it, but then I checked in Torres and I think I copied it all the same, but I noticed Torres gives me about 0.18 less port displacement so more net volume 2.68 - not sure how Torres is designing the port in terms of location and bends in the box. But basically is the subboxpro design accurate and looks ok?
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