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  1. Hot enough that you can't touch it more than a second or two???
  2. So, I have a tiny system compared to most of you all. 2007 Silverado classic crew cab. Stock alt, (130 amp) Batt in front only. CCA 4 gauge and 8 gauge power wires running to under rear seat. Big 3 or 4 upgrade done with CCA 1/0 wire. Pioneer dbl din AVH-1330NEX head unit Real 8 awg wire going to Alpine 45X4 rms power brick to rear doors / Kenwood 3 way 6.5's. (For fill, running maybe 30 watts) 4 gauge going to BB 900x1 amp powering 2 Sony 12" 300 watt rms shallow mount subs parallel to 2ohms. 8 gauge (4 gauge ground maybe?) going to Pioneer 150x2 rms amp powering Polk Audio 6.5 separates, 1" tweeters, and passive crossovers. (Rated at 100 watts rms, 300 max) In front doors. Bass amp stays cool to warm, would guess I'm running it around 600 to 700 watts maybe. Mid amp, now Pioneer 150x2, (old amp was a Fosgate prime 125X2) Gets very hot, even turning gain down to what I guess is maybe 100x2. The Fosgate amp also got very hot, which is why I switched to the Pioneer. I'll check the ohms tomorrow. (Can you check ohms on component speakers on a passive crossover?) Can the amps heat up that much because of small 8 gauge wire? Can it be from 8 gauge positive, 4 gauge ground? (I think it's 4 gauge ground.) Anything else to check? I could run 1/0 welding wire to the back seat, then split to dual 4 gauge I guess. How can I prove that will solve the problem? And no, I'm not going any higher amps, I just want this to run cool / warm, and reliable. It's loud enough for me, and my budget!
  3. I really want a DD-1 soon. I am very good at soldering, although I don't trust myself to solder all that smaller electronics. I may buy one of those cheap scopes for $35 bucks on ebay, or just wait and get the DD-1 For now, I'll try to keep the bass amp down some, and it's hooked up to the pac-1 dash control anyway, so I usually start with little bass and turn it up per song / mood. Really, same way with my mid / high amp. I'm just guessing by ear. My front separates are rated at 100watts rms, I don't think I'm pushing them that far, but the amp is getting pretty hot.
  4. Any suggestions on a cheap scope?
  5. 1) 500watt amp at 2 ohms. Wouldn't 1- 500watt 2 ohm sub be louder than 2 - 4 ohm subs wired to 2 ohms? ( IE: 500x1 or 250x2) 2) For poor people like me, is there a way to detect distortion from the head unit while running the 40 and 1000 test tones before setting the amp gains? Like with a multi meter, or maybe oscilloscope app on phone?
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