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  1. Not really which is better, those are just what Im looking at, Im not sure if there is something else out there in the same price range I should check out. I'v been out of the car audio scene for around 15 years. So I'm a little out of date on whats popular and which brands are good.
  2. Looking for some recommendations for 6.5 components. Im thinking either the Skar SPX 65c or the Inifinity 60 CSX. Im planning on building up my system in steps first would be a jbl 4505 into passives. Then a second jbl 4505 bridged into passives. Then active with an Alpine pxe 08505 into the jbl's. 6.5 components in the front and in the rear and 2 shollow 12's in the trunk.
  3. Packing peanuts is a good idea. I'm playing around with some ideas on how to cut out the center of my speaker rings out after the box's are done. Im thinking cutt almost all the way through, leaving maybe a 1/16th of an inch. Then using my dremel to finnish them when I have the volume sorted.So far filling them with water is the best idea I can come with. Doesn't add much work either. Just have to give the speaker rings and the base of the box a coat of resin so they are water proof ahead of time. Packing peanuts should get me close enough to get the diameter of the port tube. So I can make rings to mount them.Then use the number I get with the water to get the lenth right. Any thing I need to look out for with making port tubes that have a bend in them? With such a small box would a smaller dia shorter port tube be better or larger longer tube?
  4. This is the area Im working with. The speaker will sit in front of the tail light aimed toward the center of the dash. The port will be up by the fender well pointed parallel to the speaker. Im going to re-do the wiring thats in the way to try and get as much space as I can.
  5. Thanks, seems like there is not much interest in this topic. Maybe, just nobody really does this kinda thing.
  6. I have a 95 mustang gt convertible. My plan is to run 2 skar vd-12 2's in the trunk. I want to build 2 fiberglass enclosures one left and one right tucked up in the quarter panel/wheel well area. So my current thinking is too build out one as test piece/ mock up. Then fill it with water to measure the internal volume. Then figure a port design for it. Im shooting for somewhere around 1.25 cf to 1.5 cf. And tuning it for around 35-40 hz. Anyone have any better ideas how to measure the volume of very irregular shaped box? Any suggestions on port design/location? Im probably stuck with a round tube port. Im guessing 2.5 in dia about 5in long. I have a 3d printer so I can pretty easily make a mold to build a venturi port out of fiberglass.
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