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  1. Dang that sucks. I bought those over 6 months ago and never used them but maybe a day to see if they worked. I just realized one was BD and the other was not. It will be hard to sell one and get its value for it but maybe I’ll have to take a loss. Nature of the beast. Thanks for the help man!
  2. Yeah I know they're different but are they different enough to make an audible difference between the two if i had them connected to separate subs in separate boxes. And yes I had been leaning towards the x12s. They seem to have longetivity by the looks of them.
  3. Sup guys. I have a dilemma of sorts. I have two Rockford Fosgate amps, one a T1500BD and the other a T1500BDCP. Don't know how it happened but it did. I have mind pretty made up on either 2 Sundown X12 or 2 DC Level 4s. My question is can I use both amps to power my subs or will they cancel or override each other in some way. Any help would be appreciated.
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