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  1. No. Just a distortion detector. I have a cd that came with the Rockford amp.
  2. Hey guys. May not be suitable to post this but I’m really in need of a dd1 to set my gains on my system. Money is just tight for one but I know it’s the best method. If anyone has one for sale or rent I would like to purchase or rent it. Thanks for the help
  3. Cool thanks. Just ordered from parts express. Is spray adhesive the best way to apply it?
  4. Sup guys. Title speaks for itself. Which is better for subwoofer box applications: backed or unbacked carpet? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Good deal. Great work on the avalanche by the way. I checked you out
  6. Thank you guys. Maybe next week I can just add engine block ground to chassis.
  7. Sup guys. I just recently performed the big 3. I went alternator positive to battery positive engine block ground to battery negative car frame ground to battery negative I’ve zip tied all my wires only to believe I was suppose to go from engine block ground to frame ground. So did I screw up and will it effect anything if I did?
  8. Hey guys. I’ve been searching the forum for a particular question but have yet to find an answer. I just need a little help. I have two 12” sa12s d4s by which I’m trying to put in my trunk. I want it to be separate chambered with a middle port. I would like 4 cubic feet and it’s powered by a Rockford t1500 bdcp. I’ve got a optima yellow tops battery and 270 amp dc alternator. It’s going in a 2012 maxima. My max dimensions are 33-34 wide x 15-16 high and 28 depth. I’ve tried different calculators and just can’t come up with a good box or the right port dimensions to tune 32-34 hz as I mainly listen to rap and a lil soft rock and pop.. Can someone please help me out I’ll be extremely grateful. Don’t have a computer to download any box building programs. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dang that sucks. I bought those over 6 months ago and never used them but maybe a day to see if they worked. I just realized one was BD and the other was not. It will be hard to sell one and get its value for it but maybe I’ll have to take a loss. Nature of the beast. Thanks for the help man!
  10. Yeah I know they're different but are they different enough to make an audible difference between the two if i had them connected to separate subs in separate boxes. And yes I had been leaning towards the x12s. They seem to have longetivity by the looks of them.
  11. Sup guys. I have a dilemma of sorts. I have two Rockford Fosgate amps, one a T1500BD and the other a T1500BDCP. Don't know how it happened but it did. I have mind pretty made up on either 2 Sundown X12 or 2 DC Level 4s. My question is can I use both amps to power my subs or will they cancel or override each other in some way. Any help would be appreciated.
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