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  1. so i couldnt reach the lc7 outputs because it was stuffed tightly behind the dash so i just used the dd1 on the amp. But when testing channels 1-2 on the 4ch amp, track 2 with the 1Khz tone the deck distorted at number 24! channels 3-4 and the mono amp were around 36! Why would that one track on those channels distort so much lower? Is it because the LC7 is putting out too much voltage on that channel? Could that be throwing off my numbers?
  2. im using a line converter. im trying to figure out if i test it at the lc7 or the amp. ill just do both. the manual says nothing about a line converter being thats where all the signal comes in
  3. What do you mean after the amp? The speaker outputs on the 4ch? Thats what I originally thought. Didnt know if the LC7i distorted so had to ask
  4. The stock head unit doesn’t have RCAs. Do you mean the RCAs from the LC7? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  5. So I have a stock head unit, lc7i, 4 channel and mono amp. How do i check distortion level on stock head unit using the DD-1? I mean where do the probes go?
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