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  1. Unfortunately it looks like the only two people that are located on that map haven't visited this forum in over 3 years. I am still hoping for a response from one of them however it looks unlikely. Thank you for the map anyways
  2. Looking for a good shop / individual in San Diego with a DD-1 and CC-1 that could potentially help me out in getting my amplifiers / LC7i tuned in properly. I have gone to several shops before that just simply didn't cut it for me - two shops blew multiple subs of mine despite being top rated shops and I'm really getting sick of going to these inexperienced, "high-level" audio shops. I only have a DMM at the moment, and my speaker amp was tuned with a 800HZ, -3db tone (I know most use 1000hz, 0db but with the DMM method it ends up being way too much power and I can audibly hear distortion) for a continuous voltage of somewhere around 16.4-16.6v (70w rms, 4 ohm speakers) and my subwoofer amp is set for 20v at 2 ohms (200-ish watts, break-in period). I know that this is all improper which is why I am requesting that someone with experience can help / chime in on the topic. I would like to avoid buying 2 new tools for a one-time use (I am not a pro audio installer) but I do want to make sure I have a properly tuned setup... TIA and I hope to hear from one of you!
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