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  1. Will do! I got told the skar 2k wouldn’t make them sound right as it’s only 2k watts and nothing higher but I watched a dyno on the amp and it seemed to perform very well for the price range eventually I’m going all skar audio as they get a lot of good reviews and seems stable! Waiting for amp to arrive today!
  2. I bought the skar RP-2000.1D ! Hopefully that makes them sound pretty good and clean. I plan on taking my battery out of my camaro to put in the system till I get audio battery’s. Would that batt work just fine? It will be 0 gauge everything with the big 3 upgrade as well stock alt for now
  3. What’s a good amp to run? I’ve heard good n bad about hifonics
  4. Hello! I have an 04 Tahoe with 2 15” American bass XFL. I had a 6k mono power acoustik amp and the battery terminal melted so that’s done for... what Is a good amp to run with the XFLs? I am currently looking at a hifonics zues 3200.1 would that be good? Trying to stay in the 200$ range for a decent amp to bang these subs! Thanks!
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