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  1. Decided I'm gonna order a 290 amp from Singer. Gonna order it next week when I get paid
  2. Good news guys, I just got a quote back from usalternators and they have two alternators available for my truck, both at a reasonable price. First one is a 285 amp (285 peak, 250 hot) and the other is a 410 amp (410 peak, 390 hot). Keeping in mind that this is going in my daily driver and I will be pushing 5000-6000 watts, with a d6500 under the hood and a few (3-4) xp3000s in the back (will be getting those later on tho) with 1/0 for power and ground, as well as big 3....will I be fine with the 285 amp?? Or should i get the 410 amp? I've read that for a daily driver, you want to go with a lower amperage alt since they make their power at lower rpms compared to higher amperage alts. If this is true, the 285 amp would be a better candidate, correct?
  3. I'm waiting for a response from Michael. What's the best way to get in touch with the others? Who is Johnathan? What company is he with?
  4. I'm sorry for the personal question and you don't have to answer, but about how much did he charge for yours? I submitted a quote earlier today, just waiting on his response
  5. Been looking around, and I've found a 250 amp and 370 amp from dcpowerinc.com. They are $600 and $900 respectively. Is that a reasonable price for those? Also found a 350 amp from gpcaraudio.com for $675. And a 220 amp for $350 from powerbastards. Anyone heard any good/bad things from these companies?
  6. Alright cool. Just submitted the quote, so hopefully they can help me out. But if worse comes to worst, what should I do if I can't find a good alternator? Risk getting one from Ebay? Keep the stock and just upgrade batteries?
  7. Do you know if they would have one for my truck? Or would I need to email him and find out?
  8. I haven't heard of them. Will definitely check them out and see what they have tho
  9. No I haven't. I haven't personally contacted anyone. I'm going by what I see on their websites. But I read somewhere that some alternators for certain vehicles aren't listed on the sites and that I may have to contact them personally to see if they do have one for my truck or not
  10. I understand lol my problem right now is finding a good alternator for my truck. I can't seem to find one anywhere
  11. I've never heard of them so I wouldn't know. There's another seller by the name of knalternatorparts. I've tried looking on mechmans site but couldn't find anything for my truck. Maybe I need to call or email them? If anyone knows of a reputable company that makes alternators for my truck, please let me know
  12. I'll be getting it off Ebay. The brand is BNR and the seller is bnrparts
  13. The time is here for me to start upgrading my electrical and the first thing I'm doing is upgrading my alternator and front battery along with the big 3, but before I place the order I need to know what size alternator I need to get. This is going in a 2006 expedition and it's apparently extremely difficult to find a ho alternator from a reputable company. I've found a couple on Ebay that I'm probably gonna get. I'm getting a d6500 for under the hood. I'm trying to upgrade based on the power I will be pushing when I'm completely done with the build I plan on doing in the future. Currently I'm only pushing about 2k watts to 4 15s. The only time I have voltage issues is when I crank the subs up and/or when low bass hits. So I'm fully aware i need to upgrade. And soon lol. My next build will more than likely be 4 evl 15s soo, about 5k watts? In regard to my question, and the topic of this post, should I opt for a 300 amp alternator or can I get by with a 250 amp? I will eventually get more batteries in the back but until then, I'm hoping to rely on the upgraded alternator and front battery (and big 3 of course). Do you guys think a 250 amp alt with the d6500 will suffice, or should I get get the 300 amp alternator? Thanks in advance for any and all replies!
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