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  1. Thanks, it's definitely related for sure... None of the rcas fit snug on.. compared to my previous sundown amp which use the same rcas.. I crimped them a little and they fit tight and didn't change anything... Giving the amp a dangerous amount of gain is what started making my free aired sub move to the beat... with occasional poping and when messing with the potentiometer even loud popping (gain, LPF, subsonic) would cause this. Opened the amp and found a rail that melted some solder over the rca trace circuitry.. could be coincidental but I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and am considering putting more solder on the rail where it melted... the rest of the rails are fine, nothing melted... definitely was due to previous use, no way it came melted from factory I believe. Only thing I noticed.
  2. Yea, speaker outputs can be high voltage and high amperage... much more dangerous than an ordinary house outlet... be careful.
  3. I recently bought a used sundown amplifier and it turns on just fine, and apparently receives signal, no sound. I thought their was an issue at first with rca signal/wiring/circuity being blown/broke as the amp was not outputting at all. Upon turning the gain up to absolute extreme levels & various other testing, the amplifier eventually gets a small amount of output to the beat of the music. The odd thing is at those levels the amp should be sucking my batteries dry and frying my subs, but its just barely audible. I confirmed on many levels that the source into the amp is a1, even installed a second known good condition amp and everything works fine.. Even hooked direct to the amp from my phone into a signal generator.. same story. The amp is on master. Whats the issue here? Bad output regulator? Bad output transformer? Amplifier is an NS-2. Thanks!
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