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  1. The first center cover is almost finished. Painted the dark grey metallic. Added silver metallic to the chamfered edge, and made a contrast line in silver metallic. A layer of Standox Liquid Silver (holographic effect) is added, and the cover is clear coated. And the new plate also has a feature that the original alloy did not have, the Boston logo's are lighted.
  2. i have been watching some videos about these powercaps, but it looks like they are not very good. I have been looking at the Brax powercaps. These seem to be way better. What would be best?
  3. I am working on the Power Capacitors. I have two 1 Farad Capacitors. They are from a different brand and have a different design. It has been scratched by a moving crate that was in the trunk once. I removed the shrink wrap that was around it. It has two dents in it, will see if i can get it out, if not i will replace these with a new single 5 Farad capacitor. I want to give it the brushed black alloy finish that is also on the Zen 9 am to blend in with the colours.
  4. The SPA digital dual gauge that replaces the old OEM temp gauge. I had to remove some electrical components from the dial board to make room for the gauge. I also torn down the connector on the board of the SPA gauge and soldered in some extension wire with a new connector to just get it in with about 1 mm room and connect the new wire to the loom of the SPA. This is what the gauges look like when turned on.
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