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  1. I have found and ordered 2 Xenon projectors that are identical to the high beam projectors i already had. In a couple of days i can start with installing these in the headlights. In the picture is what the projectors will look like next to each other. I am very happy that i have found units that look the same.
  2. Did a test piece with darker grey (on the picture it looks black but it is the same shade as the dark grey on the car), and a darker red.
  3. This is a test centre cap to see what it looks like on the wheel.
  4. The design for the new wheel centre caps. The final cap will be forged carbon with the logo sticking out of it.
  5. Changed the outside line on the wheel to red. The final grey colour will be darker, like the dark grey of the paint.
  6. Closed the hole in the B pillar panel and wrapped it with Alcantara.
  7. Did a rough cut on the carbon shell. Next is to cut the lines more straight and glue metal rings to the carbon for an even distribution of the force when torqueing down the bolts. After that i can continue with the bottom half of the bracket.
  8. Added layers of Carbon to the battery bracket and made flanges at both sides so the bracket can be bolted to the bottom half.
  9. Making a carbon shell to hold the battery in place. When this shell is fully dried i will apply more carbon layers and work towards the bottom and make the parts that can be bolted to the car.
  10. Made a new door insert with real alcantara. Edges are not glued down yet. Making Forged Carbon on the steering wheel Wrapped the C pillar in Alcantara The A and B pillar will also be wrapped in Alcantara, i am waiting for a new can of glue to come in. The mirror is wrapped in Alcantara Made an embroidery patch for the floormats, a new set of floormats needs to be ordered and then i can glue them in place. The battery will be installed under the spare tire.
  11. Cleaned up the wiring for the starter and the battery positive that goes to the back of the car. The new wires, and made a new bracket for the resistor pack. Now i have to make or buy a bracket for the battery.
  12. The front subframe is in final position, front drive axles are installed, hubs, brakes and wheels installed. Tightened all the bolts of the alternator and tensioned the belt, placed the ignition coil vertically. Tightened the rubber boot of the steering column where the shaft enters the car. Drilled out a snapped bolt to place the steering fluid reservoir.
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