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  1. Edit: Not sure why my pics arent showing up but the first 3 are specs and the 4th one is of the box.. I'm currently designing the box (forward facing DC audio m3 8s) to go under the seat of my 16 Silverado LT. The dimensions will be slightly off from these specs since I'm going to fiberglass the floor as I have the high transmission hump and I don't want to waste room adding an outside riser like your typical downfiring truck box. I need to shave about 9 or 10" off the front...How can I make up this area? Extend the port side over the hump? Leave the shape as is and exend the port out farther going over the hump, freeing up volume?(albiet not much probably...) I'm trying to get as close to spec as possible and I did order the 2.5" seat lift kit but there is no way I can go 20.97" deep. I need to stay more around 12, maybe 13". Any suggestions? tia
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