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  1. Well I'll be! I don't get notifications apparently. Thanks for the info guys. I've only done small-medium sealed boxes before so I wasn't sure how crucial it would be to brace for ported since the air moves so freely. Going with a 200 sqin. port. FI recommended a 40-42hz port tuning but I'm going to leave it long and trim down from there to find the sweet spot.
  2. Where can I find adjustable steel bracing like I see in so many big demo build videos? Still need to cut the center sheet to split the sealed and ported section and move forward from there. BARELY got the box in there so I can't have anything bigger than a flea's ass sticking out of the top of bottom. Any tips would be appreciated! Hell...is bracing even necessary for the ported section? 4, 12s. 2, 3.5ks.
  3. The picture attached is a basis of what I'm considering building for a trunk. I'm just not so sure if 2 subs facing up and 2 facing rear will sound good. I've only used sealed enclosures in the past but I can't get 4 12s to fit all rear firing in my trunk, which in my experience sounds the best and hits the hardest in the cabin. I'm dead set on 4 12s, and super curious how well I can make a ported enclosure sound. Does it matter which way the subs are facing as long as the port(s) are facing the right way?
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