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  1. The AudioControl LC2i (currently in use) filters out frequencies lower than 33hz. Any tips on a nice LOC I can use that allows lower frequencies? The lc6 and 7i allow 10hz but I have no reason to buy a 6 or 7 channel LOC. Subwoofer use only.
  2. I'm having a similar issue, but I'm wondering if the problem is having my speaker level signal running alongside my power wires. I've heard it's only an issue for a miss and highs amp...Could that cause clipping? Even with a 370 amp Mechman and a D4800 it clips like crazy. Same amp. 3.5k. Dd1 coming in the mail today. But I'm still curious if that could be an issue.
  3. Aha! Thank you. Never considered just basing a bat off dimensions alone.
  4. DC Audio website recommends an 800 "CI" battery in the rear for their 5k amp, among other essentials. What is "CI"?
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