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  1. Been a while figured id say hi. Nothing new with the stereo yet in the middle of winter in upper michigan so the tahoe is in storage until about april in which I will begin the install process! I will also be gutting the interior, at least the entire ceiling, door panels and back hatch and installing Ampere audio Vibraflex dampener ive decided. So when the temps get above freezing and the snow melts ill get started and get some updates in. Did get some paint on the Tahoe before i put it in storage though! Maybe get some rims this year too, had em black them out for now though when it was painted why not. Looks good and I have no doubts it'll be bangin hard lol. (note my house is the one with the red foundation thats nice Lol, ya alot of shitty houses up here!) Couple pics after paint
  2. I will definitely be tuning it with a tuner! The old system didn't warrant it because it was cheap. I wouldn't spent this kind of cash and not do it proper. But the one good thing is the clipping indicator on the bass control knob. In a couple of the amplifier reviews the reviewers said it was totally spot on with their meters so thats a plus. I can tune it and have the clip light for peace of mind as a backup. But yes I will most likely go with the DD-1 it seems to be the popular time tested choice
  3. Anyway wanted to say whats up. Appreciate any input from people. Ain't lookin for nothing but advice. Hopefully @Gunnem Ate that chocolate cupcake I don't eat sweets not even on my birthday. Cheesecake only RARELY but new york style plain. All im lookin to do is get good with everyone let me know what ya guys think. My budget is pretty good. Just cant do a wall due to having to use back seats sometimes. But Can do a deep box from seats to door. If im carrying people i can mash the port right against the door and not play. But when im not the captains seats fold right up against the front seats so I can slide the bod as far forward as necessary, which is how it will be 95% of the time. Curent box is 15cu ft
  4. Also purchased Incriminator Audio I65C Component set to run off the 3.4 amp for my highs in the front. Not the greatest but I've never been a huge fan of highs and The 3.4 plus that component combo should satisfy my verbal needs from what I hear? Anyone have any experience with that set of 6.5s+tweets? https://www.ebay.com/itm/INCRIMINATOR-AUDIO-I65C-6-5-85W-RMS-COMPONENT-SPEAKERS-SILK-TWEETERS-CROSSOVERS/132962993342?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  5. Well wanted to give an update. Some member from another forum helped me out with a box design. I wanted to remain here even though nobody has replied to me figured some would be interested in an update hoped at least. Recently ive purchased 4 Fi Audio SSD 15D1 subwoofers. 2 Incriminator Audio AI40.1 RESERVE amps, 1 Incriminator Audio AI3.4 amp for my highs, 1 (of 2 planned) northstar SMSADM220 batteries. 30 feet of Knu Karma 8GA speaker wire. And Got my box mostly build just need to round router the bracing, port entry and exit and put the baffles on top. Built with heavy duty MDF and Titebond3 wood glue. Yet to come is 370 amp mechman elite alternator build will be going in back of my 09 tahoe... I felt blessed I was struggling with a box design and my friend who designed this one spoke with the guys at Fi. And I had a 9:30 am call the next morning from Scott the owner and he was extremely helpful with all my questions about the box, the subs, my future plans he even knew the incriminator amp specs off the top of his head without even saying anything but the model, he gave me his cell and said get ahold of him anytime with questions about the audio shit. Scott from Fi is a great man I want that out there first and foremost the level of respect he gave me knowing he was far beyond my dumb ass was something I will never forget. He talked about Steve Meades 4 18s in his tahoe. Stand up guy. Anyways My plans are double runs of knu kollossus 0ga ofc and same for the big 3. I got all dbwerx all copper wire ends and wraps and Also vibration insulators for my amps. They seem like a good company as well.
  6. Thanks looks good. Have to bring me it in person though can't taste a picture G. Have a good one
  7. I was told if using the LPF on the HU then turn your LPF past what its set at on the HU so they arent competing. If thats wrong tell me whats right
  8. What i said apparently. got any advice to the contrary? Your signature says be nice to everyone you sure are coming off as an asshole to me..
  9. I set the LPF on the head unit then turned it up to max on the amp itself that is what Most people said to do when using the head units LPF.
  10. Just ordered an Incriminator Audio 40.1 amp and 2 Fi Audio SSDv3 15s for the upgrade. And in the near future ill be getting 2 more and running 4 of them in a new box @ .5 ohm. Thats the new current plan and future plan!
  11. Don't worry the 1 or 2 guys caught will snitch out the whole crew like they always do. Kids these days can't stfu
  12. Whats up guys. I'm looking for an -expert- to design me a box for my 09 tahoe for 4 Fi audio SSD 15s. I plan on powering them with a single Incriminator Audio IA30.1 amp. Dual 2 ohm subs wired to 1 ohm load. Anyone interested? I would be willing to pay for the box design and guarantee I will not be entering any SPL competitions, I live way up in the UP of michigan years from major cities haha. I just want the loudest shit around For my personal enjoyment. (I live in a small area so it will be lol) Thank you fellas. I know yall know the size of a tahoe, im sure 20 cubic feet is easily doable I will not be using my 3rd row seats just my back captains seats. And they usaully are folded forward. My current box is 36" from the back door and 39" wide and it fits perfect between the back seat mounts. So thats a good dimension baseline. 39x36xXXX height! up up up and away. I like lows i'd like a tuning of 30-32 hz..
  13. Thanks I figured that, I believe I am going to buy a knukonceptz krystal rca from what I read they are a good bang for the buck. I see they have a higher end one called Krux but I don't see much information on it or reviews but alot about the krystal.
  14. Well got it all set up and tuned to ear. Sounds good pretty loud. Definitely not fine tuned but tuned so I can't hear any distortion myself. My max volume on HU gos to 35 it doesnt sound clean at 35 even when I turn the gain down a bit so I have it set up for max volume to be 32 which to ear sounds very good distortion free. Subs at +10 bass boost is off on hu and amp fully. EQ set to flat. No enhancements on. my amp gos 9v to 0.2v on the gain I have it pretty close to 4v and it sounds nice. Pushing them a bit over rms power but its clean sounding so ill just take it easy. Crossovers for the doors sound good at 120hz and I have the level on them at -3 which they don't distort at when max volume. Played with the lpf on the hu stuck with 70 sounded cleaner than 80 i guess. Question when using the HU LPF what should I do with the amp LPF should i turn it up or try to match it? Also im using a cheap RCA cable it was all I had its a bullz audio brand twisted braided rca. It seems to be fine I hear no noise or humming from the subwoofers at all but I'm looking to buy a knukonceptz krystal rca anyway. At 0 volume on the headunit I can very faintly hear the subs playing to the beat of the song lol... RCA? Something else? And I mean very faintly... Thanks guys. Any other input appreciated as well
  15. I found it on their website can you get any information from this: https://www.vanco1.com/product/rca-patch-cable/
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