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  1. So on input power, do I insert power made after rise or what the amp is capable of making? For example Taramps md8000.1 Would I put 8000 or ? Thanks
  2. Soundqubed hdx3 or sundown x will get low low.
  3. Ok I have two 18" soundqubed hdx3 subs. A Taramps md8000.1 What I want to do is to wall them in my 1991 chevy 1500 ext cab. Does anyone have experience in building a wall in one of these trucks? Much help needed. Please thank you!
  4. Hey guys if I have 3.5 cubes rear and 6.2 cubes front can i use 2 3 inch port for the rear and 1 10 inch port front
  5. I grounded the alt, the block, the frame and the firewall of the engine bay. You cant go wrong that covers all of the areas
  6. Got my new amp yesterday (Taramps md8000.1 1 ohm.) Haven't had the chance to really turn it up till today while at the red light. On the meter it hit 155.3 db at 41 Hz.

    On 2 skar audio evl 12's in a 4th order 6.20 ported and 2 sealed. I've come along way. So excited. Metered on spl lab mini bass meter v2.

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