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  1. Is there a big difference between xfl 1244 and xfl 1222 other than ohms?
  2. Hi, Ive been recommended american bass xlf 12 (thanks to AaronT) which I looked into and loved but the problem is that it's not easy to get it in europe, especially in the baltics (at least we have tons of baltic birch plywood here). So my question is if the sub is worth the import and shipping fees or can I get something similar out of the european brands like pride, deaf bonce and so on? Thx!
  3. Thanks, sounds good,ill look into it. Btw i knew rockford underrates but I had no idea i could be so much
  4. Then Ive been reading too many bad posts about RF. If thats the case about this sub, I guess its time to upgrade. This is a total change of topic. Is there anything you could recommend for this amplifier that would really make me feel a difference? Im mainly looking for something that would make me feel those hard tight drum kicks like in concerts or beats in the chest like in the clubs. I really feel like my bass is lacking compared to T262S in the front for highs and 2 PPS4-6 in the back for mids. My budget is around 350$ for the sub, I can do little bit more if anything close comes up. I'd guess for my power and availble space a single 12" or 15" would suffice?
  5. This is my first post and I hope not the last. From what I've been reading and some of you more knowledgeble been saying is that even a shitty sub in a good enclosure can outperform the greatest subwoofers in sub par enclosures. Right now I am running a rockford p2d2-12 in a stock box from rf powered by an R750-1D amp. It gets plenty of power and yet Im not satisfied with what Im getting. I know RF doesnt get much love here and its not a great sub but before I buy something else, I want to try a new enclosure. The recommended Vas by RF is 81.5 litres (~2.8 ft) and the stock box is only 52 litres so Im confident the enclosure is the problem here. I have ~4ft of space available for the box and I'd have no problem of using it all. The question is does anyone have a great design for this sub and if not, where do I start making it myself?
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