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  1. Awesome guys thank you for your input, I really appreciate it. The layout will definitely be easiest this way. I'm still open to other opinions and if anyone has reasons why I shouldnt do subs up/port up. Maximum performance is my number one priority.
  2. Yep it will be tight against the seat and tight against the hatch. That's another reason I'm trying to avoid port back because the port would end up being very close to the hatch.
  3. Thanks So I played around with placement with a single 12" that is currently sub back/port back. I faced it upward (sub up/port up) and there didnt seem to be a huge difference but i dont think it sounded quite as loud at certain frequencies. This setup is tiny compared to what is going in soon so I'm not sure it's a fair test. I definitely have seen some crazy loud hatchbacks with sub up/port up but it doesn't seen to be real common. I definitely dont want to spend a ton of time building this enclosure only to be massively disappointed. Maybe I should just stick to the tried and true sub up/port back. Its just going to make my layout more difficult and not as good looking. What do you guys think? Any input is greatly appreciated. .
  4. I know this topic has been covered before but I think my question/reasoning is a little different so I'm hoping you can help me decide. I am squeezing the biggest system I can in my tiny Honda Fit hatchback and still keeping the back seat for the kids. Due to the design of the car, even though it's a really small car there is still plenty of room for my two ZV5 12s but my issue is port location. Subs will be firing upward behind the rear seat and I'd prefer to also have the port firing upward so it's not hammering the shit out of my rear hatch and breaking it and also so I can mount my big ol' SCV-6000 and 125.4 on the rear of the enclosure facing the rear hatch. So I am wondering how much performance I would be sacrificing doing it this way versus doing subs up, port back. I really wanted to do a C-pillar wall but due to the seatbelt setup it wont be possible, so this is my only option.
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