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  1. Went with one sub to focus for on quality front stage speakers 4 the project. So much to do sound damp making doors into box’s but a small win is a small win... such small interior it kinda loud not trying to enter any comps just want it to sound good.. Stevens audio next.:. like the underdog starting his own thing.
  2. Too many to choose but will go with the 1st tape I took from my sisters dance team friends... Beastie Boys - Slow and Low
  3. What other size speakers are u running?
  4. Thank you have seen those in no rush gonna hand this car down 2 my newphew when he goes 2 college might have 2 save bit more
  5. 3-5 not sure about tweets placement yet
  6. Thank you for the advice I appreciate your input makes sense 2 focus a lot up front is there a hz freq response and signal to noise u could have me look for maybe
  7. Any suggestions looked at so many speakers was making a list but phone died and didn’t mean 2 post this yet. been a idea since the rear speakers are maybe a foot and half from me
  8. Hello, all looking for some advice on a setup going in a project car 1998 Mitsubishi 3000gt hatchback. Pioneer Avh x4800bs Hu - internal amp (14 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels) Pioneer DM 9705 - 5 Ch class D Continuous Power (RMS) Output at 4 Ohms75W x 4 (Main channel) Continuous Power (RMS) Output at 2 Ohms100W x 4 (Main channel), 600W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) RF P3D4 12 - 600 watts rms at 2 Ohms going in this enclosure above gonna add another later on with another amp. Using all Knukonceptz ofc power ground speaker wire & rcas. Already
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