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  1. Loved the Q Neo. Wish I would’ve tried it out in a 6th order. I have the Brahma 2.5’s now (New) from my old MK2’s. Sound and performance is identical,thankfully. Brahmas sound better than the Q Neo,Q Neo got louder though. Sp4+ would be what I’d go for,had a Team v1 that was killer. Also thinking about trying out both the Fi IB and the HT1 sub. Would message Fi,this is more expedient. Plus it’s something others curious can look up. Convenient all the way around.
  2. It's not Fi but same guy made it so....What made these great? and how do they compere to todays subs like,lets say,Fi Q Neo. I had a Q Neo a year ago and loved that sub! Now I've scored this and thinking about taking my 2 brahmas out and putting this thing in. The Brahmas are great for sure, But I'm curious about this sucker lol any thoughts?
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