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  1. Ok guys, I set the volume to 60/62, re set gains, sitting at a hair over 50 volts with the gain turned up about 3/4’s of the way. I bought a very cheap eBay oscilloscope for what it’s worth... doesn’t show any clipping until I hit about 55 volts. Though this is better, that much gain still seems like too much for 5v pre amp outputs. The lowest gain setting on the amp is 6v I figure I should be just a hair above that. I checked the headunit, it is in standard mode, not network mode. Anyways, what do you guys think?
  2. Ok guys, so I have my LPF on the amp and HU set as high as they’ll go. Subsonic on amp is set as low as it will go. Bass boost is set to 0. I will set the HU volume to 60/62 and then re tune gain using DMM, shooting for 54.7 volts or slightly less to be safe (square root (3000wattx1ohm))=54.7 volts. I’ll listen for distortion as well but I think this is gonna work. Then after it’s all said and done I’ll set my LPF and sub sonic to desired levels. Sound good? I’ll let you all know how it goes!
  3. Hey guys, i'm new to the site, and I've got something that's really bugging me i'm hoping someone can help me out with. I'm trying to set the gain on my sundown scv-3000 using a DMM, and i'm not getting the voltage I think I need. My HU is a Pioneer DEH-80PRS, which is supposed to have 5v preamps. I have two Fi SSD 12's, both wired down to 2 ohms individual, with a total of 1 ohm at the amp. So as I understand it to set gain using a DMM the total AC voltage should equal the squareroot of (wattsxohms). By my math, with 3000 watts at 1 ohm, with both subs disconnected I should be getting about 54.7 volts with the gain set properly, the problem is even with gain turned to max i'm only getting about 45 volts, and with 5v preamp outputs i shouldn't need to be anywhere near max gain right? I have the HU volume at 45, which is about 3/4 volume, all subsonic/LPF/bass boost/remote gain knob etc are all disconnected or set to 0 on both the amp and the HU. Im playing a 50 hz test tone while tuning. I simply dont understand why i'm having to max out the gain setting while still falling short of voltage, especially while having relatively high voltage preamp outputs. Any input or advice is much appreciated. Sorry if this is something easy/ stupid/ or just a noob question.
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