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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can find the factory amp Location for 2019 Charger Scatpack? I have the Alpine system about to get pulled out.
  2. Thanks I'll test with both.. I was using 50Hz 0db for tuning maybe I'll get better results with one of those.
  3. I listen to basically everything from hip-hop country rock a little bit of all. I have my box tuned at 39Hz 1.4cuft, My sub level is maxed at +10. What is the difference in 40Hz -7.5 and 50Hz -5 any big change??
  4. Spotify is a must have for me.. what do you tune with 50Hz -0 -5 -10? I'm not to sure on what I should be using?
  5. I have a Kicker KXA800.1 running 1Ohm with Alpine RSeries RW10D2, The amp has a built-in Distortion light on the Gain knob. My Question is.. Would it be better to tune with USB, Bluetooth, Aux? I noticed if I use Bluetooth or Aux cable I have to have my volume on phone maxed out for Spotify and Pandora. I'm just worried if this would cause Trouble in tuning.. Bluetooth or Aux causing distorted signals with Max volume on device? My HeadUnit has 4Volts Pre-Outs with the tune I have now I have about maybe a 10% turn on the knob out of 100%. I have a little bass but it don't really hit until my volume is about 27 and I distort at 30. Any info on this could really help me. Thanks
  6. A friend of mine gave me a Custom Box someone Built for him, It's 1.5cu. Would this be too large for a 10" Alpine R-W10D2? Here is a link for the Driver. https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_133727_Alpine-R-W10D2.html
  7. So 24 is a faster roll off, for a sub it would seem 12db or 6db would be ideal for a larger driver? And 18db 24db would be for mids and highs? I've spent a whole day with my EQ Found 4 settings I liked LoL. Looking to add in sound effects tomorrow my unit is DDX376BT Kenwood has a good bit of features. I'll take my time and play with all settings one at a time to find what really suitable for my ears.
  8. Hello All. I'm trying to tune my HeadUnit For all Speakers. I have aftermarket 2-Way speakers in all 4 Doors located at the Bottoms an 2 Tweeters on the Dash Left and Right Corners. My Question is what will I gain out of 6,12,18,24Octaves That's on my Unit? I have my Sub set at 90Hz, I'm Not fully Understanding the Octaves as to what they are really doing Could Someone Please explain Knowledge into this topic? Thanks.
  9. My Question is what are the benefits Of wiring 4Ohm or 1Ohm? What about negatives of both, I've read around the net but most topics was on wiring diagrams. I managed to save up for a new amp but I'm curious if I want to go 4 Ohm or 1Ohm, If anyone is willing to share information please do. My daily driver is an Alpine 10RWD2, I'm planning to build a Ported enclosure to Alpines Specs.
  10. I like the features of this amp I watched some YouTube videos on it, it definitely puts out more than it's rated. I'm thinking between KXA800.1 or Skar audio, TBH I think this Sub is underrated @750RMS it can definitely take more wattage. Alot of Recommendations I've gotten I looked up Dynos of the Amps an they are putting out serious wattage way higher than my RMS. I Don't want to damage my equipment what would be the highest I could put With my Type R?
  11. That's a nice Amp and good price. It wouldn't be to much Watts for 750RMS Sub? At 1ohm it's 1200w 1 ohm is what I'll have my sub wired, I'm a noob when it comes to Audio.
  12. I like the look of the KX series, Definitely thinking of purchasing it will look good in my Frontier. I'm sure it will make my Alpine Loud! Thanks.
  13. The KXA looks like an awesome Amp! CXA looks great in price an some what a slick look, But doesn't offer What the KX has. Thanks for The tip!
  14. Can someone help me out finding a new Amp. My Budget is $250. My Subwoofer Alpine R-W10D2 750RMS. Thanks if you guys can help me.
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